Red rectangle II

Posted on:August 18 2010

Small update about my work on 2d drawing in Copperlicht: I haven't had much development time for this since the last post, but the red rectangle now looks like a rectangle at least:

My development version of CopperLicht now is able to draw 2d rectangles, images, and even text. The text part is a bit tricky to implement in WebGL (ok, let's be honest, this is also the case in OpenGL and Direct3D; drawing 2D text in 3D is not easy anywhere): Internally, a 2d canvas is created, converted to a texture and updated when necessary. Performance-wise this is incredible fast.

The main reason for implementing these features is of course to enable all the 2D overlay and behavior functionality which is offered by CopperCube, now in the WebGL version as well. Designing (game) menus, buttons and HUDs finally also will work in the WebGL target in the next version.


despite the shape being more rectangular now I think there is something wrong with color ;-)
2010-08-19 10:43:00

but it's a 'better' red now!
2010-08-19 11:44:00

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