Quick Starcraft 2 Strategy Tip

Posted on:August 17 2010

If you are playing Starcraft 2 multiplayer mode and want to win a match easily, try this: Just a few minutes before prime time (in Germany and Austria, this is 20:15), start a match. If you are lucky, at about 20:15, your opponent will realize how late it is and leave the game, letting you win. Happend two times for me already (although I'm not sure this is the exact reason, but looks suspiciously like it).


You really scare the opponents :). I like aoe2 more as it has 4 resources and focus lot on economy, whereas SC focuses more on combat strategy. I never really played SC1 much but I have decided to give SC2WOL a try. Millions of people must be liking something very good. :)
2010-08-17 17:55:00

Lol ... I got my WLan router from eBay on the day of a match of the German team on the football World Championship. I guess for a similar reason.
2010-08-18 07:09:00

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