Smartpacker Pro

Posted on:August 16 2010

I just came across Smartpacker, a group of products which make it easily possible to pack your files of your application or game into one single executable. I am used to program my own archive file format (for example the applications created with CopperCube store all the textures, sounds, 3d models, scripts etc in one single .exe file), but it is a lot of unnecessary work if you write your own game from scratch to design a package file format for this, just for the simpler distribution.
The smartpacker applications offer a quite nice set of options, including the creation of highly customized installers, virtual file systems, encryption, password protection and download module, so this sounds like a nice package to keep in mind for future projects. Additionally the price seems to be very fair and they have a flash packer in the works.
Hint to the developers: A Mac version would be nice. :)


You get paid for this post? At least it reads like that...
2010-08-17 09:19:00

hm, just because I usually rant about software on this blog? :)
2010-08-17 16:40:00

I thought the same when I read this yesterday; maybe because Smartpacker released news that they support CopperCube at the same day. (Note: Matthias != matt ;-))
2010-08-17 19:12:00

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