They'll never learn

Posted on:July 24 2010

Just sent this mail to one of our users of our online dating website Bienen und Blumen:


thanks for scamming our users on our online dating website. We've already collected the IP and email adresses of your multiple accounts, and locked them. Any further attempt like this and we will send this info to your local police.

Best Regards,
the Bienen und Blumen Team.

I really can't stand people abusing our free site to steal our users money.


Although one could argue that threatening a criminal with the police is probably not very effective. Either do it, or don't.
I wouldn't want to go through all the trouble with the police for something like this either, but technically it would be wrong to let those people go on somewhere else...
2010-07-24 20:13:00

Well, if I had written them that I already notified the police, and nothing happened for them, they will try again. I simply want them to stay off the website, and this has been proven to be quite effective.
2010-07-24 21:09:00

Well, you could call the police and just not tell the scammers you've done so yet. In fact, you could call the police and still go ahead and say "if you try again we'll tell the police!" It's a bit morally questionable, but if the police do anything, then the scammers get in trouble, and if the police don't, then the scammers might stay away because they don't know you've already called the police and are afraid that you will.
2010-07-25 20:34:00

If the police do anything. In many such countries lots of police officials are also highly corrupt.
2010-07-26 09:22:00

In my country(Namibia), most police officials dont even know what an e-mail address is not to mention an IP.
2010-07-26 17:09:00

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