With all its glory

Posted on:July 19 2010

Yesterday I was sitting unsuspectingly in front of the TV, when this was shown at the start of a commercial break:

(bigger version)

Initially, I wasn't planning of getting a copy of it, since all gameplay videos of SC2 look very much like the first version (only in 3d), and I've played that one to its death already.
But damn, those nice 3D movies, as always! Let's be realistic: I'm probably going to buy it anyway. And going to play through it in one weekend with bad weather. :)


it has become nice this years
2010-07-20 09:08:00

I have played the whole game and I must say I'm completely dissapointed. Just 25 missions in the campaign mode. The story is completely lacking. You play just with humans (except 5 missions with Protoss, but no Zerg campaing)... You have to open a Battle.net account (well, it could be worse, like with Ubisoft's DRM)...
2010-08-02 14:19:00

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