Irrlicht Raycaster

Posted on:August 08 2005

Some years ago I wrote a simple raycaster. You know, that technique Wolfenstein3D, Doom and DukeNukem3D were using to display graphics. It looked like this:

It is written in java, and funnily, I named that thing Irrlicht, too. I've just found it again, and uploaded it to this website. Try it out and be impressed by its incorrect texture mapping on the floor and ceiling, the frame dependent movement and rotation, the missing billboard sorting and collision detection etc.. But at least it has a cool Doom style map. :)


Worked fine on Safari 2.0, but it crashed the browser after a while, with textures disabled and the camera colliding with one of the walls. Good job overall.. I would like to code one of these raycasters some day :P
Julio Gorg&eacut
2005-08-09 01:08:00

so you still didn't fix the texture problem? :-)
2005-08-09 17:26:00

Just wanted to report the bug that the applet makes my Firefox hang when I disable textures and hit a wall, but I saw that Julio Georgé already did so. ;-)
2005-08-09 17:32:00

wäh. bugfixing. wäh. I'd need the sourcecode for this. :)
2005-08-09 22:25:00

It's Java, right? Why don't you decompile it? All you'll lose are the local variable names. It works really good, we used it at work to understand the inner workings of a proprietary and crappy CMS that was lacking proper documentation. ;-)
2005-08-15 21:24:00

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