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Posted on:June 21 2010

A mail conversation I had last week about our german dating site, Bienen und Blumen (roughly how I have this in memory, and translated from german):

User: Hello, I just received a mail from your dating site on facebook, but I deleted my account there! Stop this immediately! My mail adress is XXX@YYY. I reserve the right to take legal action if you don't comply within 24 hours.

Me: Hello there. There is no user with that mail adress on our site. Also, we don't send any spam mails out to our users. And we don't have anything to do with facebook. Can you forward me the mail you are talking about?

User: This is ridiculous!! I want you to delete all my data immediately! I don't remember my user name or my password, but my real name is XXX YYY. I tell you, I'm now going to talk to my lawyer!!
User (2 minutes later): Ok, I've now found my profile on your site (http://www.XXX). All my data is still there! Also my picture! I'm so going to sue you if you don't delete this!

Me: Hello again. If your picture and your data is still there, you simply haven't deleted it yet. Deleting your profile on bienenundblumen is only a matter of one click. As opposed to other sites where this sometimes isn't even possible at all. But I've now done this for you: Your account is gone now.
Threatening to sue me will not influence anything except me getting angry. This is coercion, and believe me, my lawyers are better and more expensive than yours. ;) But I hope you are happy now. And btw: Could you please forward me that mail you were talking about? I'm interested in what this was.

Of course, I've never heard anything again from this guy.
I still was a bit curious about what mail he could be talking about, so I googled for it, but found nothing. Except that this guy had blogs, a twitter and facebook account, an xing account and more and was calling himself a web 2.0 and computer interface expert.

Interesting for someone who is unable to click the 'delete profile' button on a dating site.


Seriously funny :)
2010-06-22 10:37:00

lol, fun guy...
2010-06-22 21:51:00

The aggresiveness of your customers is frightening. I remember one of your blog posts (could not find it again) where a man wanted his daughter's Darkness Springs account to be closed. He was threatening with his laywer to.

Why are those guys so pissed?
2010-06-22 23:32:00

I guess it's just our time ... don't talk to people - sue them.
2010-06-23 07:12:00

I would say it was someone else who wanted the account of the guy he was pretending to be deleted...can't you recover passwords on your page? i would have given him instructions to delete his account. maybe you just lost a customer...
2010-06-26 05:00:00

Customers can sue you if you don't protect their privacy, and you can't sue them even they provide false account information since they preserve privacy rights. Correct me if I'm wrong.
2010-06-28 11:48:00

Everyone can sue everyone, everytime. But in most cases, it won't help much.
2010-06-28 12:42:00

If I will mail people at bienenundblumen in english will they will be ok with it or they will feel not good?
2010-06-28 13:38:00

Some may think that your mail is a scam mail (because most scam is english or poorly translated to german), but you can try. I think some still are very open to any friendly mail they receive.
2010-06-28 21:01:00

Thanks niko, I will not try German unless I i am proficient in it, good english seems better choice as scammers have poor english too generally. Also my mails are personally written for a specific person and references to me can be easily found, also I donot try to make people rich through emails :). So I think it is ok for now for me.
2010-06-30 10:27:00

sorry for my late update, what I meant by suing is this
2010-07-09 00:09:00

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