Posted on:June 10 2010

Yesterday, my PC started running the fan at higher speeds than usual. I wasn't compiling anything and not doing anything CPU intensive, so I got a little bit suspicious. Starting up the task manager didn't show any process using much CPU time. Also the CPU workload was constantly between 1% and 3%. Nevertheless, the fan kept going. Strange.

But then, I understood. The thermometer of the office shows 30° C. It's summer, finally.


Please open cabinet and check if your cpu fan speed is ok, it may report right, but may not be working at sufficient speed. Recently my cpu went up to 93 C at start whereas 39 - 54 C is normal. It is very dangerous for Cpu and will fry it in minutes, and ur pc may also shut down(which will protect cpu). here at summer it is 46 C outside still CPU runs at 43 - 54 C. Plz check it. I got my fan repaired and it is ok.
2010-06-10 18:26:00

Same here. Desktop CPU fan is running noticably faster than the last months and I finally feel the MacBook Pro's heat again on my lap. Unpleasant!
2010-06-10 22:00:00

lol i love thats how you can tell its summer
2010-06-11 06:54:00

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