SWFDecrypt and Flash 'protection'

Posted on:May 27 2010

I just came across an interesting software: SWFDecrypt, a free SWF decryption software wich will unencrypt SWF files protected by various SWF protection software. This is usually done by people who want to pirate SWF files, so why is this interesting at all?
It shows how simple it is to remove the 'protection' by this software, that it is no protection after all. The author of SWFDecrypt also tested it with irrFuscator (written by me) and SecureSWF, and writes that using these tools, your SWF are safe:

Now that SWF Decrypt is out there, what should I do to protect my SWF files?
Use any other ActionScript obfuscator that can rename your classes and variables. SecureSWF and irrFuscator seem to do the job well. I plan on reversing other commercial solutions that do not rename variables.

That's what I always said: Use an obfuscator such as irrFuscator, all other methods are not safe.
The SWFDecrypt website also features a very interesting blog, where the author for example seems to find out that a company creating a popular SWF Decompiler also creates an 'SWF protector' under another company name. Interesting business, this SWF decryption industry.


On the one hand this company seems like a fire brigade which uses arsons for provision of work. On the other hand: Who can protect software against decompiling better than decompilers? The old arms race goes on.

Anyway, it's good news for irrFuscator. It's sales may go through the roof now :)
2010-05-27 14:37:00

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