Generate space sky boxes using Spacescape

Posted on:April 21 2010

For a new tutorial for the next version of CopperCube, I needed a nice space skybox, with stars and nebulas on it. That's how I recently discovered SpaceScape, a small free tool which does this job quite perfectly. My skybox for the tutorial now looks like this:

The tool has obviously been written using Ogre, is a bit complicated to use and has no real documentation. But is is free and does its job perfectly. Nice. Something like a random generator would be a nice addition, I guess.


I love the way you sum up all drawbacks in one sentence :-D
2010-04-21 18:28:00

That looks cool. Maybe I should put some tracks of my Stunt Marble Racers project into outer space.
2010-04-22 07:20:00

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