Beta test running nice so far

Posted on:April 20 2010

The Mac OS X Beta of CopperCube doesn't seem to have a lot of bugs as it seems. Lots of downloads, nearly no complains. And some few feature requests already, which means people are using it. So I guess the next release in the next few weeks will include a windows and a stable Mac OS X version, nice. If you discovered any bug which you would like to be fixed until then, please report. I can fix bugs only if someone tells me about it. :)


there still is this collision bug in the red corridor. i can push myself through the wall there if i try a little.
2010-04-20 22:38:00

Its been working great here so far :) If i could wish for anything it would to have some more performance enhancements for the swf engine ;)
2010-04-21 02:34:00

@horace: this is not really a mac os x specific problem, but it will be taken care of, thanks :)
2010-04-21 06:50:00

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