Torchlight Boxed

Posted on:March 05 2010

I just received a newsletter telling me that Torchlight is now available as boxed version in my region. I never played that game, but since most reviews I came across about this game are quite positive, maybe an idea to buy it. Also, it was created using open source software, especially a quite popular 3d engine which is not irrlicht :) (since you are reading this blog, you probably know that it's Ogre).
Interesting is also that it is published by JoWooD here, one of my ex employers. Nice!


Though recently Jowood has lost lots of its reputation as publisher and Piranha Bytes has also left them.
2010-03-05 16:21:00

Nice to know another programmer who worked for JoWood. I worked in the test department in Rottenmann. Great time testing Silent Storm and Spellforce, with some Chaser death matches during the breaks.
2010-03-05 17:17:00

ah, die welt ist klein :)
2010-03-06 06:54:00

ach so wahr, mein Freund, Nachrichten verbreitet
2010-03-06 16:02:00

Chaser was just a so so game
2010-03-06 16:04:00

Ah, didn't know Torchlight was done using Ogre. Interesting info.
A well crafted game, anyway. Got it by direct download. Well worth the money.
2010-03-07 00:07:00

I think the reason a lot of developers use Ogre over Irrlicht is because it is a Rendering Engine only. No event handlers, collision engines, etc, etc. Perhaps you should release like an Irrlicht Lite version which is just the rendering engine.
2010-03-07 12:27:00

@kinjel: Chaser was an average shooter indeed. The reason we played it was because it was tested in JoWood's test department at the time I worked there. The death match mode was quite good so it became our first choice.
2010-03-07 14:23:00

@Anthoni, I think the reason a lot of developers use Irrlicht over Ogre is because it is not only a Rendering Engine only but also has event handlers, collision engines, etc, etc :)
2010-03-07 16:18:00

@Anthoni, and Irrlicht is lot easier to use and understand then Ogre.
2010-03-07 16:23:00, how do you do it?
2010-03-07 17:09:00

@hermitC, I tried Chaser multiplayer last night, it does not have bots, servers are nowhere, the player doesnot autorun (in deathmatch!), very very few maps are available, no editor, in essence it falls lot back as a DM shooter also, it does not stand even a bit in front of UT99. It seems more of a case what was available we played, though first level of single palyer is fun due to good shooting mechanic with machine gun and cool halo masterchief copy enemies:). But from second level it just collapses. Also the the advertisement of Chaser advertises the claok engine lot more instead of the game:) Jowood great.
2010-03-08 16:15:00

Irrlichts lean simple structure is why I use it. Doesn't have tons of dependencies... I like my one .DLL in the dir. If event handlers, different shadows, collision etc are needed it's easy - manageable to add. Physics libs for collision. Shadow mapping is easy to add with Nadro's RTT additions. Event handlers? ...for game specific events you have to write them anyway, right?

I've done the Ogre thing and won't go back.

(Niko don't let'm sneak in dependencies, please!
I, and lots of others, think the architecture is great the way it is! :D )
2010-03-22 01:41:00

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