Irrlicht 1.7.1 and irrKlang 1.3.0 out now

Posted on:February 17 2010

One afternoon, two releases: I just packaged and uploaded Irrlicht 1.7.1 as well as irrKlang 1.3.0.
All users of irrlicht 1.7 should update to this new version, because it also fixes a severe bug in the aabbox collision test which causes reduced rendering speed. Same for the irrKlang release: It doesn't only add the often requested possibility to capture the mixed output audio data, but also fixes a bug causing irrKlang not to work on 64 bit linux systems.

Details of the irrlicht release can be read here. Thanks to the Irrlicht Team for creating this release again.


Those releases keep on coming :-)
Great work.
2010-02-17 18:51:00

That's nice. Gotta upgrade both Irrlicht and Irrklang this weekend, I guess.
2010-02-18 07:30:00

Sure,you've done a lot of work,the engine improves much more than before.I have a scene with more than 300 objects that cannot run in irrlicht 1.6,but well done in 1.7.1,and i get 40FPS.
2010-03-07 14:09:00

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