Overload Review

Posted on: July 06 2018 Comments: 1
I recently bought Overload, a zero-gravity shooter, which you play inside mines in a very small one-man spaceship. If you know the game "Descent" from 1995, then you know Overload: It's basically a remake without the rights to the original game. Descent looked like this: Overload copies nearly all game mechanics and has modern graphics: Even the default keyboard and mouse settings are the same. I played Descent very much back then in the 90ies and loved the game, and even created levels for it. And ... [Read more]


Posted on: June 08 2018 Comments: 7
I just took a screenshot of the exact moment where I realized that I am old now. A few minutes ago: Nothing more to say. :) [Read more]

Working on WebGL 2 support

Posted on: May 25 2018 Comments: 2
I just implemented WebGL 2, in order to make the images rendered by the WebGL target look exactly like rendered by the native platforms using Direct3D and OpenGL. This worked before (and will be improved in the upcoming update), but with the new post effects feature, it wasn't possible anymore since WebGL 1 doesn't support non-power-of-two render targets. The update to WebGL 2 was worth it: Looks pretty identical to me, doesn't it? [Read more]


Posted on: May 15 2018 Comments: 5
There is this small simple multiplayer browser game which I am playing from time to time during a break or when waiting for a build to finish: Airmash. It looks like this: I noticed that a surprising amount of the players on there are developers, too. I can also recommend this game for resetting your brain again when facing a problem, works surprisingly well. I'm not sure what the business model of this is, though. [Read more]

CopperCube 6 Steam Page live

Posted on: May 04 2018 Comments: 3
I just created a Steam page for CopperCube 6 Game engine: Yes, the next CopperCube update will be a major one, namely version 6. There will be some things in there which I think most users will really like, but as usual, I'm not talking much about this before release. But there will be a nice surprise at least. If you have a Steam account, it would be cool if you could help and add tags to the CopperCube Steam page, tagging it as "Game Development" and similar. I think this also levels up your Steam a... [Read more]

Post effects

Posted on: April 29 2018 Comments: 3
I am currently working on adding post effects into Coppercube for the next update. It is not finished yet, but some features already partially work, like Bloom: Needs still a bit of refinement, though. [Read more]

Multiple selection coming

Posted on: April 13 2018 Comments: 0
I'm not sure why I haven't added this feature already long before, but somehow I guess it wasn't high priority enough. But the next CopperCube update will have it: It was quite a bit work to add this, but it is very useful. You will be able to move, scale, rotate all selected nodes at the same time, as well as editing their properties and similar. [Read more]

Possibility to try out the Brexit

Posted on: April 06 2018 Comments: 0
I just uploaded update 1.2 of Government Simulator. It icludes lots of balancing and simulation improvements, and also a Brexit scenario: So you can try out if you could save UK after the Brexit.But I think also the Russia scenario is a bit more interesting now, after the balancing changes. You can get the game here on steam. [Read more]

Working on necessary updates

Posted on: March 31 2018 Comments: 1
Adding a tiny change such as a new light model causes a lot of headaches, for example a lot of things in the editor need to be updated in order to work properly with that. Right now, everything seems to work again, it looks like this right now: But other things like for example the wireframe mode don't work yet. But I'm working on it. [Read more]

Working on new light model

Posted on: March 27 2018 Comments: 5
I'm currently working on improving the light model in the CopperCube Game engine. The current one works well, but for some cases, it doesn't look very nice. For example, it doesn't look very good when you have just a few very bright lights. I now have worked a bit on this, and the result so far works very well everywhere (showing an example scene where the old model really looks bad): And with 'everywhere', I mean the fixed function pipeline for old hardware, static light mapping for slow hardware, dynam... [Read more]

Feels bad man

Posted on: March 25 2018 Comments: 1
Apparently, I'm now also responsible for broken Anti Virus software. It's my fault. Of course this results in a "not recommended" rating. What else? [Read more]

Edge and IE line break problem

Posted on: March 09 2018 Comments: 2
Today, I found a very simple inconsistency between browsers, causing a major PITA for me. Assume this simple code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <span style="font-size:50px;">LINE 1<br/></span> <span style="font-size:14px;">line 2</span> </body> </html> Which will look like this in most browsers: But in internet explorer and edge, it will look like this Interestingly enough, if you remove the DOCTYPE tag, both browsers will do... [Read more]

Prius+ and Prius V Review

Posted on: March 06 2018 Comments: 2
A while ago I posted a table of ranges of electric cars because I was thinking about buying a new car in the near future. Unfortunately, my old car broke down last week, so I needed a new car much earlier than anticipated. The problem for me was that I need a car with at least seven seats. As far as I found, there are only two electric cars with this feature: Tesla Model X: With a price > 100k euro, this was much too expensive for me. Nissan NV 200: The official range of 280 km is ok, but I guess... [Read more]

Improving Terrain Generation

Posted on: February 23 2018 Comments: 3
I am currently trying to improve several specific features in the CopperCube Game Engine. Right now, I am working on improving the terrain generation, because let's be honest: When you click on "create a terrain", the generated and built-in graphics are not that nice. So after playing around a bit, this is what it looks now after I've improved it a bit: It's not great, but definately better. I only needed 3 clicks in the editor to create this scene for me. But I still have a few plans to make this nicer.... [Read more]

Flash is dead, so I'll remove it. Right?

Posted on: February 20 2018 Comments: 2
Flash is dead, as it seems. Is anyone still using it? I am currently thinking about removing support for Flash in the next update of CopperCube. It would speed up the development of the other targets, and removing ballast that way. I created a poll on twitter for this, if you like, vote and tell me what you think about it. [Read more]

irrKlang 1.6 released

Posted on: February 13 2018 Comments: 5
I just realized that I'm now working since 14 years on this little C++ sound library which I called irrKlang. Today I pushed out a smaller update of it, modernizing it a bit again. Improving .NET support, support for gcc 5.1 and others, reducing dll dependencies (no MSVC runtime dll needed for C++), improving single threaded mode stability and speed, and more. It is not only used by many indie games, but also by my own projects, of course. Basically everything I wrote which uses audio. Let's see what th... [Read more]

Situation in my Country

Posted on: February 10 2018 Comments: 1
The situation in my country can currently be summarized as this: The colors mean the following: green = no influenza yellow = isolated cases orange = repeated cases red = influenza wave Source: virologie.meduniwien.ac.at [Read more]

Government Simulator 1.1

Posted on: February 02 2018 Comments: 0
It's weekend (in Austria, Friday afternoon is considered weekend, no really), so I uploaded a small update to Government Simulator: It is now also possible to play as the United Kingdom. Great Britain was the most wished country to be added to Government Simulator, so I added it. Things I didn't know about the UK: They have an interestingly high spending on education, compared to other nations. Not sure exactly why this is, their results aren't that much better, oddly. Let's see if people living in t... [Read more]

Why Developers Can Ignore Software Reviews

Posted on: January 26 2018 Comments: 2
If you develop software or games, and sell them, you need to get used to the fact that your software will be be rated. No matter if you are on the Mac App Store, Google Play, Steam, or even your own website, people will comment and rate your software, make videos, blog texts and tweets about it. A lot of times, the feedback and comments you will be getting isn't very positive, sometimes even brutal, destructive and abusing. I'm developing commercial games and game development related software since now more... [Read more]

Reddit now crippled by mods as well?

Posted on: January 23 2018 Comments: 6
A reddit mod just banned me because I created version 2.0 of this free website editor named RocketCake and dared to submit the news. What has reddit become to? I'm a reddit user for nearly 10 years now, and supporting reddit by commenting, posting and even spending thousands of euros in advertising on reddit each year. But I think I will stop doing this now. Reddit is supposed to be a community where people up and downvote things they like or hate, not to be crippled by mods who don't know what they a... [Read more]

RocketCake 2.0 released

Posted on: January 22 2018 Comments: 0
I just uploaded version 2.0 of RocketCake, the free responsive website editor. This release contains quite a lot of new features, like multi level sub menus, selectable HTML version, support for placeholders, improved slideshows and galleries, and a lot more. See the detailed list here. [Read more]

Ranges of electric cars

Posted on: January 14 2018 Comments: 5
Did you ever consider buying an electric car? My current car is very old and nearing its death, so I thought maybe an electric car would be nice, as next one. Looking through the websites of all the car makers, you'll quickly notice that the both most important factors for buying such a car are usually not advertised at very prominent places: Price and Range. Sometimes, they are even missing on the website! So I created a list with all current e-cars (available in Germany and Austria) which would be poss... [Read more]

End of Early Access

Posted on: January 12 2018 Comments: 1
After more than one year and 15 updates, I've taken the survival game PostCollapse out of early access on Steam. The game has changed significantly since the first release on Steam. See this screenshot comparison for example: The left shows the first released version of PostCollapse, and the right one how it looks now: The world is much more detailled, has better graphics and much more content. The game has evolved quite a lot during the early access phase. The game now has reached a state where it f... [Read more]

Happy New Year!

Posted on: January 01 2018 Comments: 3
Another year has gone by and since a few hours, it's now 2018. As every new year, I'm offering most of my products with a big discount for a few days, like -75% off CopperCube and -50% off RocketCake. You can see the full list here. Maybe there is something interesting for you as well. I think 2017 was an interesting year, and I did a lot of new things, like for example releasing a political simulation game on steam, or implementing realtime shadows in my 3D game engine as free update. I learned a lot ... [Read more]

CopperCube 5.7.1

Posted on: December 15 2017 Comments: 2
I just uploaded version 5.7.1 of the Game Engine CopperCube. This is the 14th free update of Coppercube 5. As a few people already know, there is a bigger release in the making, but since it takes quite a bit of time, this is small update was preponed. This update includes a lot of improvements to the WebGL tagret and other parts of the engine, you can see the full list here. [Read more]

Government Simulator Released

Posted on: December 04 2017 Comments: 2
My latest game, Government Simulator is now released on Steam. I think it is an actual fun and entertaining game, and you can even learn a bit from it. I at least learned quite a lot when creating it. Fixing a country like Austria or the USA isn't actually that easy. Possibile, but there are always drawbacks. Get the game on Steam, if you want to try. The game is not expensive, and there is currently a -20% discount. Also, any feedback is welcome, of course! [Read more]

Google Translate is getting better

Posted on: November 27 2017 Comments: 2
Is it just me or has Google Translate become much better recently? When I work on updates for my software (CopperCube in this case), I usually have to add a lot of strings, and need their translations into other languages. CopperCube for example currently is translated into 14 (!!) languages. It is usually fine for such specialized software to leave some special parts in english, but for most of the languages I speak, I translate them manually. To speed this up a bit, I use Google Translate, and correct a... [Read more]

The games I created

Posted on: November 21 2017 Comments: 5
Since I know how to program, I worked on a lot of games and game related projects. But there are even a few games where it was a 100% one-man-show. Where I created everything myself, in most cases even the graphics, sound and music. Maybe you are reading this blog for some time, so maybe you have heard of some of them: I could tell you tons and tons of stories about each of these games. (Except of course the latest one, which will be released in two weeks, we'll see how that one will do:) Interestingly,... [Read more]

Why the Update Fever is Bad

Posted on: November 18 2017 Comments: 15
I just got asked by a customer why there hasn't been an update for several months now for one of the software products I create. And if this means that this software is dead now. I'm really baffled by this. Especially because that product has already gotten nearly a dozen free updates, and is pretty stable and bug-free by now. I just updated Windows 10 on my main development PC with the Fall Creators Update, causing several of the software I use to have failures, or degraded performance. And worst: Some... [Read more]

Galaxy Ranger Luna released

Posted on: November 10 2017 Comments: 0
The Retro shooter/adventure game "Galaxy Ranger Luna", which I mentioned already on this blog was released today, and was created with CopperCube. Looks like this: You can get it on itch.io: Galaxy Ranger Luna itch.io page. It uses a "pay what you want" model, so the price should be pretty fair, I think. [Read more]


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