Irrlicht 1.5.2 out now

Irrlicht 1.5.2 is out, it's mainly a bug fix release. To repeat what I just wrote on the Irrlicht website:

We just released an update to the 1.5 branch of the Irrlicht engine, version 1.5.2. It contains several updates and bugfixes, related to terrain smoothing, joystick support, OS/XCode updates and MS3D loader fixes. Happy downloading!

seven comments, already:

Why an update to 1.5 when there’s the 1.6 version?
Jedive (link) - 16 12 09 - 14:30

There are people still using irrlicht 1.5, I guess they like bugfixes as well. :)
niko - 16 12 09 - 16:11

Is there a list of changes available? I hope all new fixes will be found in 1.6.1 as well.
Brainsaw (link) - 17 12 09 - 07:19

The list is in the SDK, here its contents:

– Properly check boundaries in getFont and setFont.

– Reinit values in the driver when scene manager is cleared.

– Normals handling fixed in createMeshWithTangents, existing normals are not always destroyed now.

– Fix terrain smoothing, bug found by loverlinfish

– SOLARIS recognition removed. Please specify the platform define manually. This allows for compilation under sparc/Linux and sparc/Solaris

– Some uninitialized variables fixed

– FreeBSD joystick support added (for Debian package)

– Fix cursor problems found by buffer and by rvl2 as described in

– OSX/XCode updates

– MS3D loader bug fixed

– Float parse bug fixed
niko - 17 12 09 - 08:41

Hi, Niko! Thanks for the maintenance release!

Just one question:

>> – Normals handling fixed in createMeshWithTangents, existing normals are not always destroyed now.
PI - 17 12 09 - 13:54

@Brainsaw: All those fixes will certainly also be in 1.6.1 and 1.7.
CuteAlien - 18 12 09 - 17:59

Nice to see that, and to know it’s going to be in later version as well (though I never really doubted ;) ). Didn’t download 1.5.1, and I don’t think I will. It would be going back from 1.6.
Brainsaw (link) - 22 12 09 - 07:05

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