The eagle has landed (II)

The Ambiera Office is currently moving. Needed more space after some of the projects need a bit more attention, like CopperCube and irrKlang.
About two years ago, I blogged a picture of the first working infrastructure after I moved to a new appartment, so here is a similar picture showing how the new ambiera Office currently looks like ;)

Still a bit of work to do, but the most important parts are already working. [that is, HTTP and Email :)]

twelve comments, already:

What ?! No Shower and no Sourround System ? :) tststs … ;)
Thalius - 26 11 09 - 13:59

Lol; You’re lucky – here in the UK it takes about 2 weeks to get an internet connection active at a new adrress – by that time I’ve usually gotten the rest of the place set up – or at least somewhere to sleep;

Nice dinky radiator btw :-D
Chris (link) - 26 11 09 - 15:15

Good luck setting up the place as you want ! :-)
MasterGod (link) - 26 11 09 - 20:08

What else do you need? :P
Carlos - 26 11 09 - 20:20

Coders seem to have the strange behavior to bring their beloved machines back to life before there is ANY furniture in the room. Love is a strange thing ;-)
hermitC (link) - 27 11 09 - 11:21

What about coffee ?!
Dog - 28 11 09 - 12:01

I’ve no doubt about the color of your doors, white in the tipical wien style:) I’m wrong?
garixi - 30 11 09 - 16:43

Those are some weird lookin outlets on the wall.
Joe Smith - 01 12 09 - 17:27

eheheh.. Power, Phone, Television .. oh a Broadband Cable Modem ! ;)
Thalius - 01 12 09 - 18:50

Just curious, Is the Ambiera website served from that laptop?
juantar - 03 12 09 - 05:07

I just moved to Vienna (from Melbourne), and I was suprised to see the silly commission system used in Austria – the rental agency wants 3 months rent from the tenant, and another 3 months rent from the landlord. They also want 300 euro for the legal fees, and another 300 to lodge the agreement with government agencies. Add to the fact that you also have to leave a 3 month rent as a damage bond. All up, to move into a 900 euro apartment, we needed to fork out over 7000 euro just to move in. Back in Australia, the rental agency would only have asked for 6-8% from a single source (landlord), and a single months bond. No legal fees to establish the contract (that’s what the 6-8% covers).

Absolute rip off. Not happy.

Niko, we should meet for bear (I’m next to MariaHilferStrasse). No german speaking skills, and no friends at the moment :(
Zenja - 09 12 09 - 19:48

Beer :)
Zenja - 09 12 09 - 19:49

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