Spaghetti Character Animation

Everytime I start writing a 3D rendering framework from scratch using OpenGL or Direct3D, I can guarantee that in the beginning I'll end up with a black, empty screen, wondering for hours why it is black and not showing the 3d geometry it's supposed to render. (Usually it's a wrong matrix, missing shader or simply the light turned off).
Same for Character Animation: Every time I start writing a character animation system, I end up with something like this:

Looks like some weight or joint matrix went wrong somewhere. I know I'll find the problem, but it's impressive that I'm always getting the same errors. :)

seven comments, already:

Believe me when I say it’s pretty normal. It happens to me as well (an idiotic but common error I keep on making is forgetting to cast numeric types, which obviously cracks everything up).

On a side note – I guess that is why people keep on advocating code reusability: if it’s there and it works, don’t break it! ;)
NeXuS (link) - 23 10 09 - 10:05

Tazo - 23 10 09 - 11:16

Precisely why I hate rewriting stuff from scratch, the deja-vu is intolerable! Open source & re-use FTW :)
steve (link) - 23 10 09 - 13:22

Anyone else think this post title suggested niko was making a game about the flying spaghetti monster?
moo - 23 10 09 - 13:48

I don’t know… it looks fine to me. (jokerp)
bug-a-lot - 23 10 09 - 14:58

You are definitely not the wrong one. I’m writing an OpenGL renderer and each time I add some new feature, I end up bugfixing it most of the time. But it’s amazing when it works the first time! :D
triton - 23 10 09 - 16:08

looks like Spore Creator ;)
danlin - 23 10 09 - 17:48

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