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About 10 years ago I promised myself to learn one new programming language every year. Until now, I did this, and even more: Sometimes it was 2 or even 3 new languages per year. It was quite interesting and I can recommend other programmers to do this as well. It's like learning another foreign language (which I try do as well from time to time): The more lanaguages you are able to speak or to know how program in, the easier it feels to use the other languages you already know.
But this year, I haven't learned any new programming language yet, so I'm looking for good suggestions. Maybe I should try Ruby? Or Lisp?

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I suggest Haskell or Lisp (clojure or arc) or Erlang.
Matthias - 21 09 09 - 18:30

Objective-C might be worth it what with all the iPhone love going around right now. IMHO it’s a bit sucky compared to C++ though – depends on whether you want something for practical use or something academically interesting.
Steve (link) - 21 09 09 - 18:46

Haskell, Python, Processing
daganu - 21 09 09 - 19:47

I second Objective-C. It’s very beautiful (not that Lisp isn’t, in a very different way). If you don’t have access to a Mac, you can try GNUstep.
Andy Van Ness (link) - 21 09 09 - 20:12

Another vote for Haskell.
Soulsbane - 21 09 09 - 20:33


anonymous coward - 21 09 09 - 20:52

Everyone interested in programming in general should have a look at ruby!
Like most people outside of japan I only learned it for ruby on rails, but the language itself is really cool as well.
Telepath - 21 09 09 - 21:09

I suggest Erlang, too. :)
Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein (link) - 21 09 09 - 21:51

I’ll be this time a bit evil. Some years back i´ve recomended D language, but if u know C/C++/Java/.Net u will not see some interesting bits on it…but it’s a nice language.
But you should learn a scripting language, every good programer(that reads books like Pragmatic Programmer) should know at least a scripting language, so you can learn the mega-super-lol-hyped ruby language or…(that’s the evil part) Groovy, a language that is like ruby+python plus better syntax(java compatible) and you will see the java plataform with diferent eyes…
And if u truly want to open your mind and see what ubber cool programers code, learn Ocaml (remenber F# is a copy of this language) and enter the Functional era.
ASpanishGuy - 21 09 09 - 22:19

Ruby, Scala, F#
horst - 22 09 09 - 00:49

Ruby, Objective-C
juantar (link) - 22 09 09 - 02:36

erlang—- parallel,fp language
momor - 22 09 09 - 03:54

Scala looks pretty wicked. It combines aspects from functional programming with imperative. Apparently it’s really powerful.
Andrew - 22 09 09 - 06:25

Languages that everybody should know (beside ASM/C/C++/C#/Java):
1. Lisp
2. Erlang(!)
3. Python(!)
dbrmr (link) - 22 09 09 - 07:18

My vote goes to Objective-C. I am using it in work, looked a little strange to me in the beginning, but once you get used to it it’s nice. Otherwise (if you really don’t find anything) you could take a look at Brainfuck (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainfuck), which I think is not suitable to really program anything in, but it’s interesting … hmm … maybe you should try ObjC instead.
Brainsaw (link) - 22 09 09 - 07:19

Try Ruby. :-)
Ruby - 22 09 09 - 08:28

try INTERCAL or unlambda. then it becomes much more enjoyable switching back to c++... :)
xaos - 22 09 09 - 10:32

JoeMill - 22 09 09 - 12:22

Hi, How about ncl for Digital tv ? http://www.gingancl.org.br/index_en.html
very promising huh ?
Daniel - 22 09 09 - 14:10

Woha, thanks for all the suggestions. I like D and ObjectiveC best for now, but let’s see. :)
niko - 22 09 09 - 16:20

Hmm, sounds like you sticking to what you already know. More or less.

Of course i dont know what languages you already know. ;) But wouldnt it be more interesting to learn a more exotic language?
Matthias - 22 09 09 - 16:47

My vote goes for OCaml, although I have no idea what you already know and don’t know, would love to see the list of all the programming languages you’ve learnt in the past ten years :D
BlindSide - 22 09 09 - 18:36

Lua! The best scripting language ever!
Conde Nostaw - 22 09 09 - 21:42

I second Lua. For me C++ and Lua has been (and continues to be) a very powerful combination. It is dynamic, fast and cross platform.
Sebastian Ahlman - 23 09 09 - 08:48

LOLcode, it has to be done.
dan w - 23 09 09 - 10:46

hi niko, try prolog…. its the most unusual language ive studied. but with such short code, you can achieve alot of things already….
jon - 23 09 09 - 11:11

One more voice for Python – it’s rather useful. I’m a complete beginner in it and still it helped me getting stuff done a few times already.

Understanding Lisp is also worth it. If you regularly wish you could just rewrite parts of the language you are using, then lisp is for you.
CuteAlien - 23 09 09 - 13:00

Lua, no doubt.
radzh - 23 09 09 - 15:19

Try PureBasic ;) Lean / Crossplatform and its actually fun to program with – a bit C like basic with functions, imports APi and all – very nice to prototype. hey and theres even Irrlicht for it ;)
Thalius (link) - 23 09 09 - 16:47

Ruby is truly beautiful.
lobo_tuerto (link) - 24 09 09 - 07:09

moo - 24 09 09 - 19:42

Try DESIGNING a scripting language like Lua/Squirrell yourself.
Get in trenches yourself! Compiler design is great fun, and interpreter design is still better.
kinjalkishor - 26 09 09 - 16:47

please, please, go for haXe and make CopperCube-HX version

bim - 28 09 09 - 23:19

I recommend you learn scheme; maybe not this year but the next. Scheme is a lisp dialect aimed at education so it’s a bit easier to learn and just as useful.

I will also recommend a book : the wizard book. It is available online for free from MIT press. This book is the best CS book I’ve read so far (out of many).

I do the same as you and this year my language is erlang since I’ve already learned Scheme.
guinness - 29 09 09 - 06:43

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