Playing around with the 3D capabilities of Flash 10

Today, CopperCube 1.0.6 has been released, and I quickly clicked together a small demo to show some of it's new features:

Controls: Mouse and Cursor keys or W+A+S+D.
When hitting the 'start 3d scene' button, you'll see some animated textures and the event system in action: When moving to the yellow thing, a sound will be played, when moving away from it, another sound will be played. Also, CopperCube is now using a new rendering pipeline using Flash 10's 3d capabilities, so it is much faster now.

If you don't know yet what CopperCube is: It's a 3D editor for creating interactive 3D scenes. the above scene was created without writing one single line of code. Download it for free and try it out if you like.

eight comments, already:

Really nice and fast :)
Those blinking lights = dynamic textures?
halun - 18 09 09 - 15:30

Really nice and fast too!!!
Congrats :) !!!
IPv6 - 18 09 09 - 16:36

Thanks :)
No, it’s a ‘behavior’ which exchanges textures dynamically. If you know Irrlicht, it’s similar to the TextureSceneNodeAnimator :)
niko - 18 09 09 - 17:28

Ok, thanks :)
halun - 18 09 09 - 19:22

can’t flash do some texture filtering? otherwise it looks nice…
horace - 19 09 09 - 12:54

Hello! Sorry klooper for my english jer, buti particular nice re say gJ$)Kd!!!.
pymnappadia - 20 09 09 - 04:37

that’s true, it could need some mip maps.
niko - 21 09 09 - 17:59

very nice! bug report: sliding over the wall with the windows next to the crate and looking to this last one, some triangles of the box disappears
gian - 21 09 09 - 19:57

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