Irrlicht 1.5.1 Released!

irrlicht logo I just uploaded Irrlicht version 1.5.1 to the sourceforge servers. This version contains a lot of bugfixes and corrections, but also some few new features: Support for range fog in OpenGL, improved X11 support, Better .x, STL and Collada file loading, terrain rendering using hw buffers and a lot of bug fixes and corrections.
Thanks to all people involved in this project, especially the irrlicht team doing all the hard work. Always nice to have a new release out.
Happy downloading!

sixteen comments, already:

That’s fine. Gotta check it out soon. Gotta check it out this weekend. It’s been a while since 1.5 was released. I hope my Irrlicht-ODE stuff just works with re-compiling ;)
Brainsaw (link) - 05 08 09 - 07:11

Great to see you’re still involved with the development.
tonic (link) - 05 08 09 - 10:37

lol it shouldnt let me post empty comments (and I should watch where I’m moving my mouse to click). anwyays, hooray for a new release!
sRc (link) - 05 08 09 - 17:27

Great work niko. Always a new release of Irrlicht gives me great joy, seeing this very good 3D Engine growing everytime with new features. Also it is one of very well code cross platform engines, with very easy and poerful API. Data structure classes and irrXML is very helpful in my own Engine, as coding them(without bugs) is somewhat beyond me, and had actually halted my development.
kinjalkishor - 05 08 09 - 18:27

We’ll I really didn#t do much more than just compiling and uploading the release this time: hybid, bitplane, cutealien, luke, colin, blindside and dean did most of the real work.
niko - 05 08 09 - 19:25

Niko, aren’t you interested in developing Irrlicht anymore? I’m sure your skills could help a great deal, as the rest of the great team.
MasterGod (link) - 05 08 09 - 22:16

Any chance irrlicht will support dx10/dx11 soon. Say irrlicht 1.6?
leo - 06 08 09 - 02:24

you can see all the changes for the next release of irrlicht (1.6) already here:
Sure, I’m interested in Irrlicht development still, but I don’t have that much time anymore, unfortunately.
niko - 06 08 09 - 08:36

We had a DX10/11 driver as one of our proposals for Google Summer of Code, but were not accepted. And no one volunteered to write one so far. Moreover, 1.6 is not really far from today, so the change list won’t change much more before the official release. If someone sends in a DX10/11 driver, we might have one in 1.7, but unless there’s some external trigger this won’t happen. But we will have OpenGL 3.x and OpenGL-ES support :-)
hybrid - 06 08 09 - 14:20

@hybrid, Is work on DX10 driver is at halt? I am myself trying a experimental one while learning DX10 also. Let me see if I can complete it to a workable state in next few months, and somehow integrate it with Irrlicht via a lib or dll. I cannot commit due to lots of my personal work, but I will try to make it work with Irrlicht in Irrlichts coding style so that it will be easy to integrate. I am constantly reading Irrlicht code base for my own engine, so it is not so much extra work. Anyway if no other comes up, then with time I may provide a lib plugin. How much time you have left for 1.7 release? I donot promise anything but I will try.
kinjalkishor - 06 08 09 - 18:15

Hi Niko!! There will be a version 1.5.1 for Irredit too ?
ricscar - 07 08 09 - 09:26

I originally planned to create one for Irrlicht 1.6 again, because irrEdit 1.5 should be compatible with Irrlicht 1.5.1 as well, I guess.
niko - 07 08 09 - 14:28

There has never been any work for a DX10 driver from our side. So nothing to halt. Since we’re still not at the 1.6 release, there’s much time left for the 1.7 release.
hybrid - 08 08 09 - 13:09

Great to see you’re still involved with the development. i’m lovin irrlicht!
B13 - 08 08 09 - 18:08

@hybrid, I tried starting the basic init and close device with DX10 and wrapping it with Compiler Switch like IRR_KIN_D3D10 so it will not collid ewith another Dx10 driver the core time may implemnt some time after and it may remain pretty independent. It looks a lot of work(lot more then I thought and now I am panicking). Any way I will keep working at it slowly and steadily, If it is implemented by someone before me, all good otherwise atleast one dx10 driver will be available.
kinjalkishor - 09 08 09 - 11:54

@hybrid, I mean completeing the driver seems a lot of work, my first goal is to get all the demos working with DX10, and then providing DX10 functionality for all functions of DX9 driver. This will not change anything except that one can run DX10 mode natively on Vista for same purpose as DX9, but it will also be very helpful as a base for anyone wanting to use DX10 driver and extend it.
kinjalkishor - 09 08 09 - 14:36

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