Doom-Flash-2D is a jump'n' run flash game created by Jens Winterstein. It uses the original Doom graphics and although a lot of people on various websites seem not to like it (probably mostly stupid teenagers who don't even know the original Doom), I personally think that this is a great piece of work. It perfectly recreates the Doom feeling into a 2D Jump'n'Run, and I enjoyed playing it.

fifteen comments, already:

I come to this website expecting something about irrlicht3D, and I end up reading someone’s personnal rants?
It’s really unprofessional, you should get your own blog at a different url.
San - 28 07 09 - 18:37

It’s a shitty game and i don’t think i cant have an opinion on it just because i didnt play the orininal Doom. (i actually did but just a little)
Matthias - 28 07 09 - 20:44

Lighten up San – this is his personal blog, the “Moose out front should have told ya”. Oh wait, he did: “This is the development blog of the Irrlicht Engine, irrKlang, irrFuscator, irrEdit and the personal blog of Nikolaus Gebhardt.”
pc0de - 28 07 09 - 20:52

teenagers can’t appreciate that kind of games. Personally, I love it because it remembers me the glourious ending-’90 2Dgames (I was an Amiga500 owner). I think it’s a funny lovely game.
paooolino - 28 07 09 - 22:54

Troll-san, this is his personal blog.
Michael - 28 07 09 - 23:30

the last time I saw this the parralax backgrounds were incredibly jittery whenever you werent up against one of the edges of a particular map, and it was incredibly distracting so I didnt play past the 2nd map. good to see that was fixed that finally.
sRc (link) - 29 07 09 - 01:35

That’s nice. Gotta send this to my brother, cause we had some nice network-deathmatches back in ‘94.
Brainsaw (link) - 29 07 09 - 07:29

San, that your expectations were wrong is not niko’s fault. It’s really unprofessional to come barging into somebodys weblog and blame him for posting personal rants on his own website.
Tazo - 29 07 09 - 13:06

That was pretty sweet, I like it. I’d say the only snag with it is death on later levels, leaving you with no decent weapons (so you get killed practically instantly). May have happened in the original game though, but I can’t remember…
D. Roberts - 29 07 09 - 14:05

my short review: piece of shit
pretender - 29 07 09 - 15:39

Fascinating how this game seems to be polarising. I for my part did really enjoy it, thanks for the link.
Marcus (link) - 29 07 09 - 16:26

It is not that bad as some people make it out to be, though not as great as original doom, but everybody has his own choice(so, no game is really bad, as it is subjective opinion).
Where is ur real personal blog Niko? I thought this was ur personal blog. But u hid it from us. eee eee. plz plz.
kinjalkishor - 29 07 09 - 18:19

German Parliament To Review Petition Against Proposed Violent Games Ban
Really, how amazing ?
kinjalkishor - 29 07 09 - 18:24

I usually don’t swear. But, by God this fucking calls for it. This is a message for EVERY SINGLE FUCKING flash developer out there: stop changing the context menu to your FUCKING apps. It’s not professional, it only serves to piss me THE FUCK OFF because I can’t change the quality. STOP IT!
blah - 30 07 09 - 06:31

Don’t you take yourself too serious, man! You may end up suffering from a heart attack that young…

The game was fun to play actually. You guys better respect the authors work, instead of pissing around everywhere for the sake of nothing.

Do a better job or shut up! Too much stupid people around…
mrcdrc - 30 07 09 - 23:50

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