Daggerfall for free

Somehow I've missed this: Bethesa released Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall for free, you can download it here. It should run on DOS box, an open source DOS emulator. I've not had time to try it out myself, but I definately do in the next weeks. Daggerfall is one of the bigger games I've never played before.

three comments, already:

I’ve rolled up two characters now and they’ve both been killed in the tutorial… the fighting mechanic is difficult…
DmL (link) - 22 07 09 - 21:33

It’s quite a good game but the locations and lairs are created procedurally using a 3D maze generator, they are difficult to navigate and usually too large and so get boring after a while.
If there was a mod to make the mazes flatter and smaller it would be a much better game.
gaz (link) - 22 07 09 - 23:57

I actually miss not playing Morrowind more. I think I should play it first as people say it is better then Oblivion and bigger?, , and then there is morrowblivion mod also which attmpts to recreate Morrowind in Oblivion Graphics.
kinjalkishor - 23 07 09 - 17:59

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