Expecting the unexpected

Is it a bad sign for Microsoft that it didn't even surprise me that I was able to speed up the DVD burning on my PC by a factor of 4 by simply turning off the Aero window manager?

ten comments, already:

I want to know why my laptop battery drains twice as fast under Vista, and gets the machine twice as hot, compared to running OS X on it. Even with Aero turned off in Vista and all the snazzies still on in OS X (because you can’t turn them off).

Vista is fine, so long as you don’t care about it taking twice the base memory, using twice the power, and annoying you twice as much ;)
steve (link) - 05 06 09 - 17:09

Funny that it speeds up DVD burning, but does not significantly lower RAM consumption.
KIENI - 05 06 09 - 21:19


the RAM is doing what its supposed to be doing, being full. Read up on Vista’s SuperFetch
sRc - 06 06 09 - 22:44

I agree with sRc. Only an OS that takes full advantage of available RAM is a good one. What’s the purpose of keeping RAM unused?
oli - 07 06 09 - 00:59

Maybe your vendor provides bad windows drivers?
CSchleiden - 08 06 09 - 20:20

I didnot find any difference. But I put transparency off. try it. Generally transparency is major enemy. Anyway I finally found XP theme pack for Vista and use it. No0w my Vista look almost like XP and I like it very much. Already I like blue green read primary combo much then b&w
kinjalkishor - 09 06 09 - 19:07

Is it a bad sign for Micro$oft that I run Linux on my home system and don’t even dual boot!? haha!
xteraco - 09 06 09 - 21:53

@niko, I have disabled superfetch in Vista already, but it was ok before also. Also I always use Nero 7 for DVD burning, and I get right performance. I donot tested original burning of nero. If I make DVD Image on Hard Disk then RAM is filled up 100% in Vista 64 bit. That is problem of Nero anyway as I know it.
Are you using Windows Vista 64 bit?
kinjalkishor - 10 06 09 - 18:22

I mean I didnot tested burning by Vista OS directly in previous post
kinjalkishor - 10 06 09 - 18:23

@xteraco, Ubuntu also has the option of installing it like a software in Windows XP, not requiring to Dual boot, I didnot checked on Vista 64 bit, but I like this option very much, since then Ubuntu has become my favourite. Previously I used Fedora Core 8. I like it also.
kinjalkishor - 10 06 09 - 18:25

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