Some performance improvements

I was working a bit on the performance of the CopperCube 3D engine for flash recently, and it now has become a bit faster already. I had a tough time with this demo here for example, which still will run fast only on new hardware but is already at least usable on older systems:

Also, I nearly removed the Z-Ordering problems as shown in older demos, but if you take a closer look at the demo above, they are still there. Flash doesn't have a Z-Buffer, and I'll have to program a more sophisitcated workaround for this in the future. But before, I think I'll release a Beta version of CopperCube, probably next week, if everything works well.

eleven comments, already:

This is great. I’m looking foreward to the release. Works fine on my computer here at work, which is not really old but not “state of the art” either.
Brainsaw (link) - 17 04 09 - 15:01

Looks very nice but I think there is still some room for improving the performance. When I rotate the FPS drops from 100 to 15.
My system is not the fastest, but the components aren’t older than a year. (Phenom X4 9950, GeForce 8800GT)
But since this is not even beta it’s really good. Keep up the good work!
Sylence (link) - 17 04 09 - 17:39

Whoa! this is cool cool cool!
stan - 17 04 09 - 22:04

is there going to be any more interactive features? like gui or anything that could triggers some actions?
pretender - 18 04 09 - 11:55

When I rotate it, the FPS drops from 100 to 8.
But I guess that’s because of my 4-years-old notebook (Centrino single core 1.4GHz, ATI Radeon Mobility 9200, WinXP, FP 10)
abiyasa (link) - 18 04 09 - 13:00

I think there might be an issue with how the framerate is calculated, cause my fps drops to 20 when rotating very quickly but it looks much smoother than that.
C2Duo 2.8, 2g RAM, Nv9600 GSO-512meg, WinXp64
DmL (link) - 19 04 09 - 06:28

nice work man! works ok on my laptop :)
Ayotunde (link) - 19 04 09 - 10:15

trigger action: yes, there will be a scripting interface (actionscript 3). The framerate drop when moving is usual, flash won’t get much faster than that, but I’ll try to improve it anyway a bit.
niko - 19 04 09 - 15:22

what would be the license when this is released? same as irrklang?
jon - 19 04 09 - 16:37

I guess something more like the one of irrfuscator, but let’s see.
niko - 21 04 09 - 17:16

this could be interesting:
horace - 22 04 09 - 06:12

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