3D Collision and Physics in Flash

I uploaded a new demo of CopperCube, the 3D engine for flash I am working on. This time it is graphically not very impressive (because of my poor modelling skills), but technically maybe still a bit interesting:

(Click on the image to start this as demo)

You can walk around in that room, collide with walls and walk up stairs. A simple collision system, but because a lot of people call this 'physics' already I named it that way as well [gravity is involved after all ;)]. Also notice that the engine has become a bit faster since I posted the first demo.
And additionally: How do you like the new Ambiera website?

17 comments, already:

New site, as well as demo, are really nice!!!
Respect!!! :)
ipv6 - 03 04 09 - 11:35

“Free Software Additionally, there is some free and open source software available: ” This seems a bit misleading since irrEdit is not open source. I know you could call software trhat is free as in beer “free software” but it genereally means something different and i think this is confusing.

Also, your links dont show that hand-cursor you normally see when hovering a link. I don’t like that at all. :P At first i was confused, because the first three links just lead to the index, i was even afraid your menu required javascript or something. shudder

I think i like your new site better than the old one, but i havent seen the old one in a while.

I’m on a very slow computer right now, and the demo still had 10fps, dunno if that’s impressive or not though; but it surprised me. I was sometimes able to see the strairs through the floor.
Matthias - 03 04 09 - 12:10

Matthias: What browser are you using? That the cursor isn’t shown correctly over links seems to be a bug.
niko - 03 04 09 - 12:15

Heyho Niko,

Ich testete gerade die Demo, aber bei mir gibts andauernd Z-Order Fehler, bei den Wänden. Sieht nicht wirklich schick aus.

Lg. Jan
Jan_ - 03 04 09 - 13:29

Yes, those z-sorting problems will be solved in the final version.
niko - 03 04 09 - 13:54

so this uses the painter’s algorithm instead of a z-buffer? are intersecting polygons possible with it?
horace () - 03 04 09 - 14:10

I think a top priority should be making it look right. There’s some instances where triangles seem to disappear and cause a hole in the walls. Great work so far, keep it up!
Cardin () - 03 04 09 - 14:39

CopperCube is very impressive. Nice work though I’d like to know where you got the name from? :)

About the site? Well, I know I can easily find whatever I need about every project that is there. No troubles navigating the site and there’s also all the information I need about every project. Well Done.
MasterGod () (link) - 03 04 09 - 15:31

Yeah, the site is okay. I really don’t understand his problem. And for every AJAX site you need Javascript by the way…
Blah - 03 04 09 - 16:07

The functionality of Ambierra.com seems the same as previous, now using menus instead of side tabs. Personally I find up tabs like in gamespot.com, easier to implement anf functionally far more easy and powerful then menus. I also was a fan of menus when I saw the tough usability of it when it can be replaced easily with tabs-rollovers. Also The poster type of looks of various products on front page is very attractive, functional and useful. Though side pane tree view was a bit more easier and powerful in my opinion.
I say all this after considering many possible alternatives for my fifty page site. And I found a system like gamespot .com very useful for looks and functionality. The amount of info compressed in 800 px width page on that site is very good and easily located.
kinjalkishor () - 03 04 09 - 18:18

I also was a fan of menus before I saw the tough usability of it when it can be replaced easily with tabs-rollovers- correcting myself
kinjalkishor () - 03 04 09 - 18:19

there is a bug if you press a and w or w and d at the same time.
horace () - 04 04 09 - 10:34

Very Impressive! I specially liked the foggy effect on the room’s windows.
Juan Tarquino () (link) - 04 04 09 - 16:05

My mouse pointer does not change to a hand when hovering over the menus at the top. I’m using Firefox 3.0.8 on Windows XP. The mouse pointer changes to a hand over other types of links though.
Michael - 04 04 09 - 16:47

Very cool!!
Plan for read native blender format ? should be amazing! If yes iam going to byt it before release , :D my english is bad !!
Daniel () - 06 04 09 - 14:36

I mean buy . :D!!!
Daniel () - 06 04 09 - 14:37

GREAT! Impressive work, i definitely would like to try it (sorry for my english)
ricscar () - 08 04 09 - 09:18

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