You know you are too tired to start programming when...

... you wonder why visual studio tells you that the .ncb file is read only, and then discover that you opened another visual studio session with the same project just a few minutes ago.

nine comments, already: wonder why the linker keeps telling you that this damn library is missing (although you included it in the makefile) and you realize, it is still in the original folder you just unzipped and forgot to copy it into your project-structure.
KIENI - 20 03 09 - 10:56

Well another signal you are too tired: it should be ncb, not nbc ;)
syedhs - 20 03 09 - 12:53

Another signal is when you stare like an idiot at one single piece of code for minutes.
Blah (link) - 20 03 09 - 13:04

thanks syedhs, corrected :)
niko - 20 03 09 - 13:18

Und das kurz vor 11 am Morgen…
Jan_ - 20 03 09 - 15:36

Najo, war ja nicht live gebloggt. :)
niko - 20 03 09 - 17:14

...then you’ll be glad to hear that the ncb file will be gone with visual studio 2010 :)
Christopher (link) - 20 03 09 - 19:45

... you tweak some physics related values for hours without any visual difference until you notice that you don’t use these tweaked values for rendering >.
Sylence (link) - 20 03 09 - 19:48

I figured this problem instantly the first time I encountered it, myself. After that it is so etche din my brain I never get hanged on this. Even sleeping I can tell you that another instance is open. Though actually I have morbid fear that 2 instances of same projects will corrupt my project, then I will not get my backup, and have to code again. (maybe it is a senseless fear after all). All this leads me to always check if I have 2 instances. Also I tend to make 2 copies of same project side by side, one with different folder name and then experiment in one, and after that port it to original. All this scares me too much. Atleast this does not happen with the word file of my novel manuscript. I am actually very terrified of files being corrupted.
kinjalkishor - 23 03 09 - 10:10

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