Unimpressive first screenshot of a side project

Since a few weeks I've been working on a small fun side project with a nice idea, involving Irrlicht. I only worked on it when I had some time (which was not that often), but altough I don't know the exact amount, a lot of hours of work have been put into it so far. And today, the project has evolved so far that you can even see something on the screen:

Incredibly unimpressive. :) That's the drawback when you want to do something correctly, it takes a lot of time until you have to show something. But fortunately, this shot means now that the framework works, the major work is done and that it should be quite easy to build the real thing now. I'm going to post some further screenshots of the project when there is more to see and also going to blog some more details about it then.

eleven comments, already:

You meanie… having us wonder what would it be…
lobo_tuerto (link) - 05 03 09 - 19:33

Hm, a pretty low framerate and a memory output on-screen. Memory doesn’t really matter on a PC nowadays, does it? Looks like this is Irrlicht on a mobile device of some kind. The long awaited iPhone port probably? But, wait, wasn’t Hybrid the one working on that?
matt (link) - 05 03 09 - 20:36

Yes, the iPhone port (aka OpenGL-ES 1.x driver) is already available on SVN under branches/ogl-es. The iPhone device was provided by grafikrobot, I made the ogl-es driver.
hybrid - 05 03 09 - 22:46

Looking forward.
Virion - 06 03 09 - 00:00

Hmm… My guess is… irrPhysics!
Tazo - 06 03 09 - 11:36

ok… Irrlicht in flash?
xDan - 06 03 09 - 14:49

irrPhysics would be great :-)
But my guess is an embedded/mobile irrlicht project.
Lenx - 06 03 09 - 18:56

Can I have a fun 3D game for my open source Game Park handheld please? :)
Navid (link) - 07 03 09 - 00:37

i think irrlicht in flash is a good guess. the font somehow reminds me of the font anti-aliasing of flash. :p
horace - 07 03 09 - 08:03

irrlicht in flash would be so awesome, I just love the idea of it. Plus the guy I work for really considers using papervision and expects me to dig into it… the horror i saw there… :
zillion42 - 12 03 09 - 03:48

I also think its irrlicht for flash. It would be really cool to make maps on irrEdit and play them on flash. :-D

Fingers crossed :-p
leo (link) - 15 03 09 - 20:18

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