Game Soundtrack Quiz 2

Here is another extract from the soundtrack of a great game. Do you know which one it is? Press the play button to start the music:

Last time the game was Dungeon Keeper, and rip posted the right answer within a few minutes. I think this time it's even easier. But it was a great game with very good music, so I had to post this here.

fifteen comments, already:

Unreal Tournament – The Original from 1999
Michi - 02 03 09 - 17:06

Strange, I cannot recall this one as UT 1999.
I checked on YouTube and found all the soundtracks, but I cannot find the one you posted.

Anyway, here are all of them:
Navid (link) - 02 03 09 - 18:45

I’m torn between UT and Deus Ex
Tazo - 02 03 09 - 19:10

I think it’s the original Unreal, not UT.
steve (link) - 02 03 09 - 20:34

Yes, steve is right, it’s Unreal, not UT. It’s the music from the main menu and the castle flight scene:
niko - 02 03 09 - 21:01

Damnit, I even had the castle scene in mind when i wrote UT. I guess I have to replay those treasures from the past so that I don’t confuse them anymore…
Michi - 02 03 09 - 23:16

Hehe, the Deus Ex soundtrack isn’t bad too.
blah - 03 03 09 - 09:54

thats really strange, the sound was playing for max. half a second and the castle appeared in my mind – unreal!
pascal - 03 03 09 - 19:59

Nuts i tought it was Deus Ex.
pubesz - 03 03 09 - 23:44

@blah: Deus Ex not bad? Heck, it’s the best ever, and not only the soundtrack! If there is one game that you should have played at least once in your life then it’s Deus Ex!
Michi - 04 03 09 - 00:41

Did anybody see the movie Deus Ex?
I heard it is crap, but should I still watch it for the sake of being the game’s fan?
Navid (link) - 04 03 09 - 10:53

Hm, Deus Ex movie? I thought they cancelled it?
niko - 04 03 09 - 17:46

They did. There is no Deus Ex movie.
Tazo - 04 03 09 - 23:35

@Michi: Well, I played Deus Ex and… hundreds of other good games, too. I wouldn’t say that it is the definitively best game ever made, but of course it’s an outrageous title and I love it. Nonetheless I could mention you dozens of high quality games which one should have played at least once in his life. I for one, simply cannot decide for one single ‘best’ game – I need multiple choice ;-)
blah - 05 03 09 - 12:38

It’s not unreal tournament, nor DeusEX, it’s the original Unreal, first version ever! (the na pali version had 2 intros one with htis music and scene and another one with a na pali intro an music) I’ll never forget that intro music and the flythrough the castle, just amazing!
Alvaro F. Celis - 09 03 09 - 02:18

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