Another new feature in the next version of Irrlicht, 0.11.0: Skins.

Irrlicht 2D GUI Skins

The left image shows a metallic shaded skin. It's not that impressive, but it shows that it works. It is also possible to change the whole GUI completely, for example drawing textures instead of only colored buttons and windows. I think with this feature, people will be able to create the GUI for their games now a lot easier.

eight comments, already:

Cool! Just what I was waiting for… Maybe now i’ll be able to drop CEGUI (which is cool too, but doesn’t work well in OpenGL on my old laptop… ) Looking forward for 0.11.0!
Max - 07 07 05 - 12:13

Wow this is great. The GUI system is one of main reasons I’m using Irrlicht.
Is it possible to render the GUI to a texture and make it like Doom 3 has?
Mike - 07 07 05 - 12:55

The feature that I was waiting so long…thanks!
Ittallas - 07 07 05 - 20:03

Nice! :D
Dood - 07 07 05 - 20:39

hehe that rocks!!!!!! looking sweeet! hmm now how bout some mouse events on all gui objects….lol that would really help!
RabidLockerGnome - 07 07 05 - 22:51

Sweet, they look really good!
[Declassified] - 08 07 05 - 10:11

Really nice! :D thx niko
Armin Ronacher (link) - 08 07 05 - 11:28

Doom3 style GUI: sure, since Irrlicht 0.10 has RTT support, you should be able to do this.
niko - 08 07 05 - 14:45

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