Initial Darkness

Just started a tiny new 3d project again. Hacked severel hundred lines of code, compiled and started the app. Darkness. No idea why. For me, that's nearly always the case when creating 3D apps from scratch. Looking forward to the moment where I find out what I forgot this time. :)

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The Light!
Jan_ - 18 02 09 - 17:19

Oh, the horror! I can relate to this, hapens to me every time too.
Steve (link) - 18 02 09 - 17:52

So you really write code and compile the first time after… probably… hours?! I can’t do that. I need to compile and run and check every check works fine. That’s probably why you’re so much more productive ;-)
matt (link) - 18 02 09 - 21:34

@matt: yea … i know this … I almost compile every new line I have inserted and test it … make development quite slow :(
Brainsaw (link) - 19 02 09 - 07:14

I always get a colored triangle first uptill now. It is easy to get atleast.
kinjalkishor - 19 02 09 - 10:44

why from scratch? abondoned irrlicht?
Virion - 19 02 09 - 12:15

Hehe :-) I usually forget to disable lighting (which, without light source, causes massive blackness…;). Another favorite is culling (but usually I am toying around for hours with the transformation matrices before I check whether I turned off lighting…;)
xaos - 19 02 09 - 13:24

abondoned irrlicht? no :) but I cannot write everything using irrlicht :)
niko - 20 02 09 - 13:16

In my projects, culling is always the culprit. I always forget to specify the bounding volume …
Zenja - 20 02 09 - 23:45

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