First Signs

On my way back home today, there were 6 people asking me for money. Not unusual, a mixture of fund raisers for various organizations and the usual homeless people. But in total, 6 people asked me today. That's 3 times more than usual. First signs of the financial crisis?

six comments, already:

Those are your “first” signs? You must live a very happy life, in a very happy environment.
Tazo - 03 02 09 - 18:50

You should make that an official financial indicator :)
CSchleiden - 03 02 09 - 19:12

@Tazo: We all know that Niko is rich, and therefore living in an environment for rich people, of course! ;-)
Anonym - 03 02 09 - 19:26

“Those are your “first” signs? You must live a very happy life, in a very happy environment.”

I haven’t noticed any effect of the crisis here. I mean other than in the news.
Matthias - 03 02 09 - 22:08

I live in New York state. Neither employment rates nor housing prices have dropped much. There have been some layoffs, but overall I hear a lot more worrying about the US economy than actual problems because of it.
Michael - 04 02 09 - 02:51

Same here.. We already have very very poor people in pakistan.. so i dont think i have noticed it in the poor, but i have seen it in rich people.. they are all tensed and thinking of liquidating there business because of the crisis.. the crisis is actually uniting us as everyone will be poor now :D..
Umar - 05 02 09 - 10:34

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