[title intentional, kinjalkishor & xaos ;)]
So finally, I now tried out Facebook. My profile still is a bit lonely because most people in the german speaking area are using studivz instead, but summarized: I am a bit disappointed by Facebook, it's really just another social network. Sometimes you forget this if you never used it and read all the hyped media article mentioning this website. It's not exactly the same as Studivz as some people write, but you notice that Facebooks and Studivz once have been quite similar.

eight comments, already:

“but you notice that Facebooks Studivz and once have been quite similar.”

ffffffffff - 26 01 09 - 23:02

Yeah, its nothing special, the only thing that makes it have anything is the third-party apps.

DtD Software (link) - 27 01 09 - 02:20

The reason why Facebook made it so big is because of the hype [yes, a vicious cycle but true nonetheless] and its third-party apps. It wouldn’t be half as popular without the apps and the support it garners from developers.
Cardin - 27 01 09 - 10:38

I too have a lonely profile.
kinjalkishor - 27 01 09 - 17:24

sorry guys. facebook is a great network of the people you know. if your profiles are lonely, trying looking for other people and old high school friends or something. start groupies.

personally if these social networks are failing, its because you and i are not putting much into them.
selasie - 27 01 09 - 22:11

Yeh I am not putting anything in it except loads of time but every time I feel facebook is of no use. And it is hype hype hype.
kinjalkishor - 28 01 09 - 12:58

yeah.. how do i add you :D
tunde - 30 01 09 - 13:33

I actually like Facebook, it’s good for organising things and has built in chat so you can contact technophobes who can’t use IM software.
I suppose you could say that social networks are a waste of time, but so are other things such as gaming or watching movies
gaz - 30 01 09 - 15:40

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