Caster released

Caster has just been released by Elecorn, it is a game for Mac and PC which uses lots of audio (sounds / music) during game play.

It uses irrKlang for sound output. Go Indies go! :)

ten comments, already:

It uses irrKlang for sound output. Cool!

But apparently, it uses an ass to render.
I’m all for indie titles, but why does being “indie” almost always mean that the game looks like from 1998, with mushy textures and particle graphics that seem to have taken like 10 seconds in Photoshop?
ghw - 09 01 09 - 20:05

Because games are more than graphics.

Let’s take Worms for an example. The game looks like crap but is one of the funniest game I ever played (at least the 2D versions)
Sylence - 09 01 09 - 21:39

Thats screwed up logic.
The graphics look bad because games are more than graphics?
If you said “The graphics do look bad but graphics aren’t everything”, then I could agree.

My question still stands, however. It can’t be that hard to put out graphics that are at least a little less eye straining than this.
ghw - 10 01 09 - 01:31

The game costs 10 dollars though, you can’t ask for commercial quality graphics with that price.
BlindSide - 10 01 09 - 04:14

Actually my internet is slow at the moment, so I could only see the first ten seconds of the clip, and mind you, the graphics aren’t all that bad anyway.
BlindSide - 10 01 09 - 04:15

@ghw: That’s what I wanted to say
Sylence - 10 01 09 - 19:13

Its graphics are not that bad. Though ofcourse it is not better then Crysis, then again crytek has 200 people, and id has carmack + lots of money.
kinjalkishor - 11 01 09 - 17:07

ghw, apparently you never heard of the “Time-Cost-Quality Triangle”. We’re talking about a game for 10 dollars here.

I’d be delighted to see your high quality games, with superb graphics AND funky gameplay – for a low price, of course.
rip - 12 01 09 - 11:26

Grats on getting more people using irrKlang! Game looks interesting I will have to give it a whirl.
trnrez (link) - 12 01 09 - 23:25

You have to understand that he worked on this game for 6 years in his “spare time” (read 2 hours a day max). You can’t expect current gen graphics on that kind of time span. And he programmed most of it on a (now old) dell inspiron.

(This is his wife, I would know). :)
Stephanie - 19 01 09 - 02:30

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