Working on irrEdit 1.5

Irrlicht 1.5 is now out for some weeks, time to update irrEdit, the editor for Irrlicht as well.
I've been working on the irrEdit update last week already, but it's not as easy as only recompiling irrEdit with the new Irrlicht sources. Because the editor uses nearly all features Irrlicht has to offer, and in Irrlicht 1.5 several interface changes have been made, it's quite a bit of work.

Especially the changes to the light scene node is a bit more costly than in other Irrlicht updates, because irrEdit overrides Irrlichts light scene node in order to display the nice editor friendly light billboards and also to use it for its built-in lightmap generator. But I think it's nothing severe, and the new editor will be out in one or two weeks.

seven comments, already:

Yay! Undo functionality!
rip - 06 01 09 - 16:40

niko, why don’t you implent a billboard or so for debugging lights directly into irrlicht?

would be a nice feature anyways
DrHalan (link) - 06 01 09 - 17:29

@rip: undo functionality would take a bit more than two weeks, I guess :)
@halan: sure, would be an idea.
niko - 06 01 09 - 18:39

because irrEdit overrides Irrlichts light scene node
That’s why inheritance is bad ;)
piok - 07 01 09 - 00:46

irredit is so easy to use. I tried farCry2 editor and it is very very easy.
Though FarCry2 looks like a update dCryEngine1 game. Though still good.
kinjalkishor - 07 01 09 - 09:59

Pls add clone/copy function for the empty node. :-) Also if its not soo much work enable adding of user properties/data to nodes.
Thanks again for all the hard work.
leo (link) - 07 01 09 - 23:29

without undo functionality, that really makes it hard to use especially if you like to go back and change things, even little mistakes. should have been implemented years ago
nobody - 10 01 09 - 05:59

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