Irrlicht 1.5 released!

Because of a server problem, this blog post comes one day late, I'm sorry: We released Irrlicht 1.5 yesterday. The new features include support for COLLADA 1.4 and LWO files, an .OBJ file writer, an enhanced software rasterizer (burning video), FSAA for OpenGL, OGRE .mesh loader improvements, nicer and faster terrain rendering, volume lights, various improvements for the WindowsCE port, shared depth buffers for RTT in D3D, a font creation tool for Linux and improvements with the dynamic lights, particle systems, LMTS, PNG and PCX loading and writing and a lot more. Happy downloading!

fifteen comments, already:

Best news of the day! Keep up the great work.
Jon Jones (link) - 16 12 08 - 16:59

Argh! Still no iPhone support!
matt (link) - 16 12 08 - 17:09

We have an ogl-es driver in a separate branch for some weeks already. But it’s still highly experimental, so no reason to release the code in a stable SDK. Simply grab the branch from

Oh, and also note VBO support and 32bit indices in Irrlicht 1.5 :-)
hybrid - 16 12 08 - 18:29

Great news! Many thanks to everyone involved!
Lenx - 16 12 08 - 18:33

Very good news, I’m very glad to hear!
MasterGod (link) - 17 12 08 - 00:04

Keep going keep going!
Virion (link) - 17 12 08 - 07:23

That’s nice … I’ve been working on an ODE wrapper for some weeks now (with the little time I have left ;) ), and I think I will port it to 1.5 before releasing.
Brainsaw (link) - 17 12 08 - 07:39

Hi Nico,
good news . I love ur work and would like to know how u work ? so u continoulsy sit with ur laptop for long hours ? Really wanna know.
Thanking advance.
Nick - 17 12 08 - 09:53

Great job!
n1ght - 17 12 08 - 11:06

I agree with Nick, it would be cool to see a blog post sometime about how you’re able to get into a ‘groove’ and get such large amounts of work done. I know there are a variety of contributors to this project, but at the same time, you do a lot for it and you’re involved in other projects as well as free-lance work! It would be interesting to hear about your work environment, etc.
Andrew - 17 12 08 - 19:51

I’m not doing that much work on Irrlicht anymore, hybrid, luke, bitplane, varmint, rogerborg and tom are doing all the important stuff, so there is no real secret.. :)
niko - 17 12 08 - 19:58

Cool… joystick support (force feedback too?)...
i will check this… and the new instruction for object rotation (RotateToDirection) will be very usefull…

Great job man! =)
master.zion - 18 12 08 - 13:24

vielen dank euch allen und liebe grüße an die fleißige community! :D
antu - 18 12 08 - 23:02

Irrlicht 1.5 is so full of features. great. features for meshes and animation seems to go in right direction.
Bienenundblummen now shows lots of search results for partners. It is almost 70 yimes in 2 months. It is going great. Lots of people are coming to this wonderful site.
kinjalkishor - 22 12 08 - 10:06

Great news on the joystick support!
Josh Forde (link) - 23 12 08 - 05:58

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