Again a new piece of Software

One thing I always wanted to write since I was a teenager surfing the animated gif beautified text pages which was called the world wide web back then was a chat. But knowing only a bit of HTML and JavaScript, I had no idea how to do that. Now, several dozen years later, I finally had a chance to do this:

Yay, Bienen und Blumen now has a chat as well :)
I implemented the chat client using Actionscript 3, via Flex. And boy, that was easy. Just a few lines of code and I had a nice looking feature complete chat with user lists, color selection, ignore lists, private chat rooms and everything you need. I think if I had done this using JavaScript, I would have to struggle with a lot of problems like all the different browser versions and strange bugs because of javascripts dynamic language model. So thanks Adobe for creating that nice platform :)

four comments, already:

And the backend? Custom as well or IRC or ?
Ico - 02 12 08 - 22:47

Yup. I wrote a Javascript AJAX chat system a while back, and it was a b**** to write and debug!

DtD (link) - 03 12 08 - 00:57

No, the backend is pure custom code as well :)
niko - 04 12 08 - 17:09

Yeah js can be a pain if you don’t use something like jQuery. ;)
lobo_tuerto (link) - 04 12 08 - 17:22

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