Good Time for a Winter Dejection

In Germany, the BKA law has just been passed, enabling secret (!) online searches of your PC. In Austria, now all people linked to illegal drug use will be recorded into a database accessible by most authorities. Even people only accused of such activities, even if falsely accused! The european union refuses to release secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement documents. Basically, they are negotiating agreements which affect all of our lifes and refuse to tell us what they are doing there. In the UK the security agencies demand laws for media censorship. And Shell now has received a 25 year monopoly on all southern Iraq's natural gas. WTF. So all this is called democracy, right?

Summary: The world is evil. Fucked up, stupid and evil. I nearly had pushed this to the back of my mind, but now it's there, back again.

twelve comments, already:

It’s all about power and influence. It has always been and will always be like that…
Pascal - 13 11 08 - 12:01

West-Europeans are living in a pink bubble protected by their wealth. Remember: That’s all for your own good.
wITTus - 13 11 08 - 14:15

Niko, we have 2 parliaments it just passed one at the moment!

A new hope? :)
DrHalan (link) - 13 11 08 - 14:21

Obama will save the world
The Onslaught - 13 11 08 - 16:53

CuteAlien - 13 11 08 - 18:32

Ey – my comment got eaten by a grue :-( One more try…

Now they only need someone who is able to write such a hacker-tool which actually does those online searches and can be used by the usual computer illiterate public servant. I can bet some big company like Siemens will get the contract and in a few years (and a few million euros later) the first problems with that approach will get public (like it will work with systems which have sshd installed but only when the password is known in ahead).
CuteAlien - 13 11 08 - 18:36

Another news worth mentioning in this respect is that the apartment of the journalist Burkhard Schroeder has been searched the same day that law got passed. For other reasons – it’s said to be because he posted information about building bombs (which he does not deny but he claims the information is still within the law). What is interesting is that he was one of loudest voices against this law (see for example (in german): and his blog

Btw… this blog seems to eat comments which contain german umlauts… which is why I have to call the guy Schroeder to get this posted.
CuteAlien - 13 11 08 - 18:43

Yeah those greedy bastards… lot of things going on in that apartment, here in Mexico too.

Well, have you seen the third part of Zeitgeist?
lobo_tuerto (link) - 13 11 08 - 20:18

Governments better be wary. You tick of humans enough there will be a revolt. I’m not touting it as a support, mind you, just saying history shows what happens when people are suppressed.
Jonathan Snyder (link) - 13 11 08 - 21:20

Soon we will have Runners jumping from rooftop to rooftop…?
GuyWithBeard - 14 11 08 - 06:40

LOL, That’s funny GuyWithBeard. :) (assuming it was a Matrix allusion) :D
Jonathan Snyder (link) - 18 11 08 - 20:48

It was a mirror’s edge allusion.
Matthias - 18 11 08 - 23:20

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