How to crash your compiler

An unusual link from me, but this thread in the OGRE forum is great: Shortest way to crash the Visual Studio compiler. Best find so far:


Didn't know there were so many and simple ways to make the compiler crash. Great :)

three comments, already:

omg i’m going to try this!
Virion (link) - 31 10 08 - 20:40

Today I was crashing VS2005 because I didn’t dispose of a timer properly. I’d open the control in the designer and then close it, only to have the IDE crash a few seconds later. When the timer event was triggered after I had closed the designer a null exception got thrown and killed Visual Studio.
Michael - 01 11 08 - 04:45

works as expected on GCC for me, no crash:

  1. cat test.cpp


  1. gcc -o test test.cpp
    test.cpp:1: error: expected unqualified-id at end of input
    test.cpp:1: error: expected `)’ at end of input
    Gothi[c] - 01 11 08 - 15:28

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