Already caught some scammers

Well, our youngest project, Bienen und Blumen is not that popular yet (altough getting more popular each day) but already attracted its first scammers. That type of scam is called Internet Love Scam or Internet Romance Scam and I didn't know it is such a plague. But now, the website has been updated to automaticly detect this and defend itself:

Hope it helps.

thirteen comments, already:

Oh god … it’s PINK!
rip - 20 10 08 - 17:17

If you don’t like that color then better don’t click the link to the website :)
niko - 20 10 08 - 17:43

Joe Smith - 20 10 08 - 19:34

Damn. How did you find out?
sdfsdf - 20 10 08 - 22:20

ah…free dating site in german…kind of remind me of ‘plenty of fish’ site. thanks to google translator:

‘Bees and flowers is a modern, free single market for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Users remain anonymous here, it’s not even necessarily need an email address.’

‘Bees and flowers’? i think google mis-translated something…
lug - 21 10 08 - 09:46

Nope bees and flowers is right.
Sylence - 21 10 08 - 14:47

I am dying to use this site, good that I started learning german some months ago. It is going to be good now. I was looking for a free dating site like this in Germany, Austria.
Great site. wish I had known about it earlier. Time to go and register.
kinjalkishor - 21 10 08 - 18:11

Registered, This site is all kinds of awesome. Great site.
kinjalkishor - 21 10 08 - 18:44

What kind of algorithms are you using for detecting the romance scammers? :)
yomero - 22 10 08 - 21:46

hehe, kinjalkishor, hope you like the page :)
algorithms: nothing special, its similar to fishing out spam. Just some kind of scoring.
niko - 23 10 08 - 18:23

The grey box on the right side of the screen always reminds of me of a ad provided by Adsense. The first few times I simply did not really recognized it because I “identified” it as an advertisement. Maybe you can change that somehow. I admit I don’t clearly now how though …
Marcus (link) - 23 10 08 - 19:04

@niko, not only the page, I like he whole site and its features. So much for free. Even lovehappens was not so good, though it was international.(it shut down and was match making but I was its big fan). I am very much satisfied with the features of bienenundblumen. This site is going to be big hit. As users seem very happy. I am myself for that matter.
I am really happy now learning more German s it has now more purpose.
kinjalkishor - 25 10 08 - 17:36

I have got people now interested in friendship with me on secon day only. Very fast and useful. I am very happy with this site bienenundnlumen . time to blog about it on my site, hee hee.
But really very satisfying and happy experience. I am one more happy user. Great work niko.
kinjalkishor - 25 10 08 - 18:39

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