Managed C++ horror

Currently I'm working a lot in Managed C++ code. Quite a horror. Not the language itself, but the bugs in the compiler and the tools around it. I knew why I stopped supporting Irrlicht.NET :) Probably C++/CLI is better, didn't try it yet.
It was so bad already, I nearly considered rewriting the whole code in C#, which would have taken a few weeks. But now I made it, it works. Phew. You know you have to change something when the success of a build has nothing to do with programming, but more with experience, googling for error-messages and luck.

eleven comments, already:

Well, when I started with C++ that was my learning experience ;)
DrHalan (link) - 10 10 08 - 16:57

Is there a reason why you don’t use C++/CLI? It’s certainly not as nice as C#, but still a lot better than “underscore hell”.
Mickey - 10 10 08 - 18:27

The only real reason is history. I started the project when there was no C++/CLI. :)
niko - 10 10 08 - 18:28

One question: In what project are you making this effort? (Irrlicht for .NET)?. If it is, what happened with IrrlichtCP?.
Lalo - 10 10 08 - 18:32

nope, it’s, is dead
niko - 10 10 08 - 19:11

what a luck that when irrlicht development was started that C++/CLI did not exist, otherwise irrlicht would be usable only on windows platform
a4z - 12 10 08 - 07:29

Whatever happened to Irrlicht CP, anyway? I get a wordpress error going to its homepage, and the latest released version appears to be from 2007…
Tazo - 12 10 08 - 18:37

Irrlicht CP appears to be dead…

Pascal (link) - 13 10 08 - 08:24

Great. With Irrlicht.NET discontinued and Irrlicht CP discontinued, there is no more .NET binding for Irrlicht anymore except for doing it yourself in aforementioned C++/CLI, then. Just Great.
Tazo - 13 10 08 - 09:45

Tazo, why don’t you improve this situation yourself then instead of just complaining and hoping that somebody will do it for you for free?
don - 13 10 08 - 10:28

Because I like complaining too much, what other reason could there be? >_>

Trust me, if I had the time, I would do it.
Tazo - 13 10 08 - 11:09

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