Medieval Town - 3rd place on deled's competition

Alvaro, known as Afecelis if you are a Irrlicht user just won the 3rd place on Deled's summer 2008 modeling competition, congratulations!
He also created a walktrough application with Irrlicht for it, you can watch it here on youtube. Nice!

ten comments, already:

Felicidades Alvaro.
trunks14 - 24 09 08 - 18:32

Gracias trunk! Fue una gran experiencia! ;) Y queria compartirla con la comunidad Irrlicht.

Thanks Trunks! It was a great experience and I wanted to share it with the Irrlicht community.


Alvaro :D
afecelis - 24 09 08 - 22:37

Forgot to mention, you can find the big versions of the screenshots here:

afecelis - 24 09 08 - 22:40

And here’s the level in latest Irredit 1.42:

The new Camera Zfarvalue option is great! ;)

afecelis - 24 09 08 - 23:40

De donde sos Alvaro?
The Onslaught - 25 09 08 - 02:52

Hola Onslaught, soy de Bucaramanga, Colombia. Y tu? Usas Irrlicht para tus proyectos? Eres programador?
afecelis - 25 09 08 - 03:02

Asi es, es mas, ya estoy trabajando en mi proyecto de graduacion.

sera un juego 3d y usare Irrlicht, pensaba en usar el NeoAxis o el Ogre, pero son muy complicados e Irrlicht es bien simple de usar
The Onslaught - 25 09 08 - 03:15

great models great level. ;)
Virion (link) - 25 09 08 - 08:06

Sorry, but this doesn’t look medieval … more like a planned city from today. It’s the same mistake they made with TES4:Oblivion – if you want a city that looks like it was build 500 years ago, make it look rusty and dirty (even if you want to set the date to 1500!). Give it some patina. More important, in a medieval town there should be at least some narrow, crooked streets. Everything should be a little bit skew and inconsistent. And houses should stand closer together …
rip - 25 09 08 - 10:04

Yup, you’re right about that, the urban planning needs revision and so do the textures and stuff. But think of it as a first stage, a scheme or a sketch that needs to go into revision. The time available for the competition required me to work very fast so getting into those details wasn’t possible. If you check the project’s development thread:
you’ll see the narrow streets were taken into account:
But then at the end, with only 2 days to finish, I made a drastic decision and remodeled everything from scratch, ending up with this 2modern” urban scheme” ;)

Thanks for commenting.

afecelis - 25 09 08 - 14:43

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