Just played Battlefield 2 in Real Life

I was quite busy last week, had a lot of work to do but also took an time-out to get away from the computer a bit. And what I did can be described pretty much as 'Battlefield 2 in real life':

(youtube link)

Yes, that's me in the video and I recorded, cut and uploaded it as well. And although I'm a pacifist it was really fun. :)

thirteen comments, already:

Kaspar - 01 07 08 - 18:33

Haha, looks like a good way to relieve some stress :)
steve (link) - 01 07 08 - 18:38

War is cool.
Joseph Smith - 01 07 08 - 18:40

Hey, I’m in the army; I wonder when they’ll let me do that too :-D
MasterGod (link) - 01 07 08 - 21:59

Haha, what kind of adult playground was that?
matt (link) - 01 07 08 - 22:05

One with tanks :)
niko - 02 07 08 - 08:55

I’d say a “wtf” is in order.
Tazo - 02 07 08 - 09:07

Oh yes, and [insert rambling about how war machines aren’t supposed to be fun because they were made for killing people here].

Not being serious, but SOMEONE is gonna say that, and I might as well beat him to it.
Tazo - 02 07 08 - 09:08

It is the most amazing video I ever saw. A freind in a tank. hee hee.
I thought it was Quake Wars again, but may be it is battle field.
This video is really refreshing. Good to see u doing something away from computer. And well oh my god u really played battlefield 2 in real life. Great video.
kinjel - 02 07 08 - 11:43

Oh and really the good ting is no latest video card is needed for playing this. Still the lighting is better than crysis and very natural, hmmm
kinjel - 02 07 08 - 11:45

Ahah, life is the best experience :D …
One week ago, I went to such an representation: they figured free some hostages and at the end they figured shoot at spectators but one of the boys had real ammunitions and hit some people (yeah there are some stupid person in France too) but happily nobody died…
blend - 03 07 08 - 09:56

wow~ awesome! envy you
Momor - 04 07 08 - 06:37

Are you a Full Metal Jacket fan?
Cmoibenlepro - 05 07 08 - 21:48

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