irrEdit 1.4.1 Released!

A new version of irrEdit is out now: irrEdit 1.4.1, compatible with Irrlicht 1.4.1.

Right, that Irrlicht version is not out yet, but will be in the next few days, and as now really a lot of people are using irrEdit, I think it is quite useful for them that irrEdit is now available right at the release of Irrlicht 1.4.1 and not 2-3 months after it as usual.

nine comments, already:


Maybe it’s only me. On my machine(Windows Vista), the texture window is always blank, although the status message shows that a texture has been loaded. Do you plan to fix it?

dude3d - 02 06 08 - 18:45

IMO it’s a bug in vista, and I’m not planning to fix it. If you disable aero (just switch to windows classic mode) it will work. Microsoft just wasn’t able to port their drawing code correctly in their newest os. (mixing GDI with D3D drawing)
niko - 02 06 08 - 18:58

i think you should fix that
ben'n'Jelly - 02 06 08 - 21:15

or work around it at least
ben'n'jelly - 02 06 08 - 21:15

So, no new features, like undo, multiple select, etc.?
rip - 02 06 08 - 21:34

I know you hear this with every IrrEdit release, and that it’s getting old, but:

GNU/Linux version please!!

If you’re having trouble with Irrlicht+wxWidgets on xorg, I actually managed to get Irrlicht to work inside a wxWidgets gl canvas under *nix. (wxWidgets has a cross-platform opengl canvas widget.) The only downside is that this only works for rendering, you’ll have to port all the event handeling etc.. I didn’t quite get around to that since I’ve been very busy with work. And I’m not sure if I will.

(forum thread)

In any event, please don’t give up on a port :)
Gothi[c] - 03 06 08 - 08:03

thanks for this new release. Just a quesion, where can I download it? The download page is still old. :)
marco.ragogna - 03 06 08 - 09:48

no, this version is just an update to irrlicht 1.4.1. Was quite a lot of work, because irrEdit uses nearly every functionality of irrlicht :)
@marco: the download link should work, doesn’t it show up for you?
niko - 03 06 08 - 20:04

hi niko, today I see it! I run to get it, thanks
marco.ragogna - 04 06 08 - 08:36

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