Irrlicht Nightly Builds

Marc Burns has set up an automatic nightly builds system for Irrlicht on his server. It builds the latest SVN revision of the Irrlicht engine every 24 hours. Builds are created in both debug and optimized release form, and for both Linux x86 and Windows x86 (MinGW), the Windows builds including DirectX 9 support.
Thanks for providing that service, I think it is quite useful.

twelve comments, already:

Hooray! That’s awesome! – Cool.
MasterGod - 29 04 08 - 21:56

It is very cool indeed. However, niko, in the sidebar of the main page you say that irrEdit and others are open source, while I belive that only Irrlicht and irrXML are.

I am a big fan of Irrlicht and am very grateful for your work.

“This is the development blog of the Irrlicht Engine, irrXML, irrEdit, irrKlang and the personal blog of Nikolaus Gebhardt. I am the author of these (open source) projects and working as programmer in Vienna/Austria (Impressum).”
Nathan (link) - 30 04 08 - 13:40

The brackets mean that only some of the mentioned projects are open source. The rest are just projects
Sylence - 30 04 08 - 14:39

Better post it on the official site ;)
MasterGod (link) - 30 04 08 - 23:52

Wow! This is fabulous! This should definitely be linked to on the download page.
3ddev (link) - 02 05 08 - 12:11

whats this good for?
stupidman - 03 05 08 - 02:24

If you have to ask, you don’t need it.
rip - 03 05 08 - 09:48

I am interested, maybe someone can explain it
stupidman - 04 05 08 - 13:39

So you won’t have to download the latest SVN revision and compile everything on your own (which some might not succeed in doing so) so a computer does that for you.
MasterGod (link) - 05 05 08 - 20:40

i thought little elves do it…
bitplane's mum - 07 05 08 - 02:32

When will irrEdit become opensource. :)
But this is really cool its been a while since i have touched any Irrlicht Code. :-P
leo (link) - 07 05 08 - 11:30

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Melissik (link) - 07 05 08 - 21:50

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