My new toy

Recently I bought myself a little new toy, it's an Eee PC. I ordered via Internet and never saw an Eee PC before in real life until the package arrived, so I was totally surprised that it is THAT small. Here is a picture of it in action, compared to a normal PC DVD Box:

I totally like it, especially because it is very handy compared to a normal notebook. The preinstalled Xandros Linux OS is ok, although you need a lot of manual tweaking in the config files and even some bug fixing in the boot scripts until it gets usable for a more technical user. After I had changed the font sizes of KDE and installed Opera (ideal browser for that screensize btw, firefox is still not able to resize webpages correctly and about 3 times slower than Opera on this system) I'm totally happy with that piece of hardware, I can really recommend it if you are away on business a lot, like me.

eight comments, already:

nice! where did you order it? it still doesn’t seem to be easily available anywhere.
horace - 14 04 08 - 18:30

I simply used, it offers a meta search for all austrian online shops :)
niko - 14 04 08 - 19:38

Should try Firefox 3.

It somehow annoys me that the screen doesnt cover the whole space that is there. If i was to get an Eee PC, ‘d wait for a version where it does.
Matthias - 15 04 08 - 00:24

does the fan start often?

with passive cooling and a screen that covers the whole space the eee would be perfect. :)
horace - 15 04 08 - 01:44

Man that’s small. But as long as you’re fine with it I’m fine with it ;)

niko, check your mail :)
MasterGod - 15 04 08 - 05:07

didn’t notice tha fan until now at all. hm :)
@mastergod: don’t have any unanswered mail in my inbox, so I hope you got your answer.. :)
niko - 15 04 08 - 17:01

Why can’t you install opera? It works on most linux distros
TSM - 16 04 08 - 06:57

hm, what do you mean by “why can’t you install opera”? That’s opera actually on the photo I blogged :)
niko - 16 04 08 - 15:13

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