irrBlend - Blender to Irrlicht exporter

Not long time has passed since Irrlicht received its own file formats (.irr for scenes and .irrmesh for static meshes), because it originally only included importers for external file formats. That's also the reason why there are not that much .irr and .irrmesh exporters yet, but there are some few. One is irrb, a Blender to Irrlicht exporter:

It is hosted on google code and open source of course. Currently, only static meshes are supported, but as you can see on their website, it already is very useful.

eleven comments, already:

Thanks for mentioning this Niko. I know you’re busy, but I’m really looking forward to the official release of the latest irrEdit. I believe the Blender -> irrb -> irrEdit -> Irrlicht chain will be very attractive.
pc0de - 01 04 08 - 18:45

Joseph Smith - 01 04 08 - 19:06

Finally!! I’ve been waiting on this :) This will be so perfect when animation will be supported! Irrlicht is becoming a really coherent story :)
Lenx - 01 04 08 - 19:34

i am also looking forward to animation support for the irrlicht format. this will be great! is there an ETA? :p
horace - 01 04 08 - 19:54

@Joseph Smith – yup, i spent the last two months of my life creating an April Fools’ joke ;)

@horace – I’m going to start looking at adding animation support in a couple of weeks. ETA – 3 months my time, 6 – real time :)
pc0de - 01 04 08 - 20:25

this is cool. hope to see more. :)
@niko – you posted on the wrong day lol
Virion (link) - 01 04 08 - 21:08

Joseph Smith: It’s probably real, I saw someone write about this on the Irredit forum some time ago, asking Niko for permission to use the logo.
marXXus - 01 04 08 - 22:30

Niko should have posted a link to rickroll instead of the actually page. Ultimate joke.
Joseph Smith - 02 04 08 - 04:19

oh! does the irrmesh format already support animation? i thought this still would have to be added?
horace - 02 04 08 - 11:03

For more info, see here
Virion (link) - 02 04 08 - 14:12

Good job, don’t stop before it makes coffee
It would be nice there is also a 3D max exporter as it one of the mostly professional used 3D modeler.
blend - 02 04 08 - 14:37

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