European Adsense Wanted

Woha, one Euro is now worth 1.56 Dollar, or one Dollar 0.64 Euros. The Euro was never that strong and the Dollar that weak before. Looks like soon my customers overseas will vanish, I guess. And additionally: Isn't there an European Adsense alternative anywhere? I only found adsense comparable U.S. internet advertising companies so far. Maybe a gap in the market?

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Yep, dollar is as weak as a kitten again, although not as bad as it was a few months back against sterling (it’s 2.03 dollars to the pound now, it got up to 2.1 at one point).

For me it just tends to mean I get paid less, because my larger US contracts are always in dollars. Oh, for the days when it was at 1.6/1.7 …..
Steve (link) - 13 03 08 - 15:00

Steve, why don’t you ask for more money in the contracts? Suppose it matters about the types of contracts you get I guess…

Anyways, weak dollar is great for me here in New Zealand ;) means I can get supplies for cheap!
Quaid Leckey (link) - 13 03 08 - 20:46

U think dollars weak.. i live in pakistan and one us dollar is like 63 paki rupees and 1 euro like 94 paki rupees.. but its kinda gud for me cause i worked a bit for a us based company and earned real good cash when converted to paki rupees!!
Rapchik Programmer - 14 03 08 - 15:32

CuteAlien - 14 03 08 - 18:22

Quaid: well, the contract was negotiated & signed with a dollar amount, so you can’t just ask for more just because the exchange rate changes. After all if it goes the other way, you benefit :) I factored in a rate of 2 in recent contracts so I’m not losing that much – yet. And I gained a little for a couple of months when it was 1.95 ish.
Steve (link) - 15 03 08 - 15:38

Arrrgh, grrrrr, uhhhh and to top it allthe people of USA choose bush again. They really need someone who has more of domestic economy focus. And I was thinking of migrating to USA. Now I am thinking to migrate to Austria/Germany or United Kingdom. I am now thinking of learning german. Any one can suggest a good way to learn german and french with high speed. I really need to learn German soon as I have a girlfriend in Austria who wants me to learn German(and then we will be together tada tada). Though I dont mind learning new language for the person I love. after all languages are a way to express ourselves. Though same may not be said about Programming Languages.
kinjel - 15 03 08 - 16:28

Heh, Iam from the Czech Republic and I enjoy this very much! :) Things are cheaper and chaper… :-P If there is somebody who want to learn Czech, let me know :-D
kexik (link) - 15 03 08 - 19:35

@kinjel: German is a hard language to learn. At least I can imagine. You have so many things that for example english doesn’t. Think the best way to learn it would be to take part in a german language course. Depending on where you live it shouldn’t be hard to find one.
Sylence (link) - 15 03 08 - 19:42

@Steve, That’s true I suppose – personally, I don’t care how much I make on contracts just as long as someday there is hope I can leave my full-time job ;)
Quaid Leckey (link) - 15 03 08 - 21:09

@Sylence, I found German easy, interesting and quite natural(French too). It sounds so good when spoken. An added incentive is that it is spoken in many european countries along with french and is widely popular. Anyway I just liked it from first time. But yup the real problem is I live in India and I cannot get a course in my city. I am looking for distance learning option also, but nothing beats practicing with people. That is how I learned English and hindi(Own lang) and may be others. Though learning basic communication may be fast enough. But I was getting interested in German Poetry. hee hee

@kexik, Russian may be but Czech, and as a trivia in my school classes almost every child misspelled Czechoslovakia.
kinjel - 16 03 08 - 08:09

On an other side, european entreprises pay much less their ads :| ...

@Kinjel: French is so hard that even a good part of french people don’t speak it right (I’m french, so I can tell it)...
blend - 16 03 08 - 20:06

@blend: French is not so hard… It’s just that there a lot of strange and almost useless grammatical thing-a-mac-bobs that it takes ages to stuff into your brain…
But maybe that’s because I am fluent in two languages… :-/
RustyNail - 17 03 08 - 20:42

I think almost all languages can be learnt if we go in the good way, but I also think that subtleties of the languages can’t be well assimilated although it’s your mother language.

ps:I thought I put “” at the end of my sentence… Are those characters prohibited?
blend - 17 03 08 - 20:53

It seems…
It would be fine if exposant sign (I don’t know if it’s this, ^) were allowed as the juxtaposition of two make a pretty good smiley.
blend - 17 03 08 - 20:56

@blend, yes it is true some languages are hard. English has very low initial curve, but after that it is not very scientifically built(actually it was scientific, but due to spelling mistakes of boys in England presses in 1800’s it converted into such an difficult one). On the other hand hindi and sanskrit have very high initial curve but afterwards it’s world renowned regular grammar is quite easy. And then after easy to say and understand it correctly. It is like english written in IPA symbols very standard. like html vs xhtml.
I am really thinking of dropping the idea of learnig french as it is not that widely popular and many french people know english and it is more spoken in african countries, in which I have no interst.
Though Germans also do know english, but it feels more easy and I currently need it more. Also I have made more german friends and watch german media also. In short it has grown to a need.
Already I know 2 languages and each new one is overload. But may be I will try Russin, I have not decided yet. It directly depends now on my friends majority, though I like german very much and french also(It sounds cool), but u really scared me. But anyway in my own country loads of people cannot speak even their mother toungue properly(almost 222 official languages are recognized in India whih is a record). It has more to do with education and interest to learn a language.
Though most difficult language is assembly language, IMO.
kinjel - 18 03 08 - 12:08

corection: – Almost 22 official languages are recognized in India and counting all,
Individual mother tongues in India number almost 415.
Sometimes it is time to hate rich culture and try to make a bridge between people by one language. Interstingly China has one form of standard chinese in that big a acountry. I really hate when half people in my classes could not speak official hindi or english languages at desired level and it was pain to communicte with them. Every body speaking his own mothertoungue.

Though I think that in some years English will be dominant one or some improved standard form of it, mainly due to low initial curve and amount of people that know it.
kinjel - 18 03 08 - 12:15

Wow… It mustn’t be easy every day :/
But, I considerate rich cultures as a plus: plurality is always benefic (it makes evolve things) :)

ps: Assembly isn’t very complex by itself, it’s just there are tons of opcodes :-D
blend - 18 03 08 - 18:11

One should learn Chinese… It will make life A LOT easier in the coming years, when Asians dominate the earth :P
RustyNail - 18 03 08 - 18:33

@blend, yes but sometimes plurality make life dificult for everyone. And C made programming really easy and better over asm.
@RustyNail, sorry Asians are not going to dominate earth, Population Explosion is no.1 problem, which is not beneficial anyway, and we dont have that great % of intelligent people, American people are getting better education aslo, plus research facilities. How many Open Source Asian projects are there? Problem is not talent, just we dont get time saved from earning money at very low wages, life in china and India is overly miserable comparing with England and America. Not to mention Pakistan or Afghanistan. Wake Up see the truth where we are going. Chinese military government, Indian Corrupt government. And I said English will be dominant due to merits of language and easy to learn, not caucasians. It depends on future. Who knows. But presently developed countries are very ahead scientifically and brain drain is also helping them. And Chinese with 500 unfriendly to typing characters certainly is not going to be adopted much. Many languages have this script problem. English really scores here. Anyway it is almost impossiblr that asians will dominate, first let us end our poverty and improve living condition. U ever though why every Highly educated and intelligent asian always goes to USA for various reasons. Why such need arises if our countries are so good and we are going to dominate. Waht are the positive steps we are taking. Think we are really sleeping and going backward in some respeects. Still may be who knows future. But I am not in agreement with u. U ever thought why I am writing my novel in English but not in chines(Maximum people speak by numbers but not by country distribution) or hindi(my own mother toungue. Why English has almost become and necessity. Actually we need one good International standard language that is easy. I dont care which one it is. But English in some modified form has most chances(due to its adaptive nature aslo), scienntists say so also.
kinjel - 20 03 08 - 16:57

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