Darkness Springs Beta Video

Last weekend, I uploaded a youtube video of Darkness Springs, because the game is currently in closed beta and some people wanted to see it in action already. So here it is:

The video was made in about 30 minutes, and looks quite crappy. I really don't have a talent for cutting videos :) The background music is a remixed version of one of the tracks of the actual game background music, but it sounds really bad after the youtube conversion.

ten comments, already:

Stupid work firewall.. blocking youtube… wonder if I can go unplug it >.>
Will have to remember to have a look at this when I get home.
*Places reminder on PDA
Quaid Leckey (link) - 11 03 08 - 20:35

nice legs
evo - 11 03 08 - 22:28

Looks more like Alpha than Beta. ;)

Any opinions from betatesters?
Matthias - 12 03 08 - 00:02

Oh duh, its 2d xD.
Well, looks kinda nice – diablo style. Perhaps fixing the attack animation would be nice.
Raedwulf - 12 03 08 - 09:02

How about going to begin makeing some serious/cool 3D stuff?
Totoro - 12 03 08 - 11:34

i like it

@Totoro, i realied myself that doing 2d can look better and be created faster than 3d. Also he wanted to finish his old project.

@Niko, please please outsource the engine. There are way too few good high-level 2d engines out there..
Halan - 12 03 08 - 19:49

Wow that animation is sweet!!! Couldn’t you do some effects to make the floor and walls not look like butt. And maybe do something to prevent the textures from looking tiled?
Blue Girl - 13 03 08 - 02:46

beta testers are still testing, but most of the reviews are quite positive.
@halan: outsource the engine? I think you mean open source :)
yes, I think if letting a graphic artist improve the graphics someday :)
niko - 13 03 08 - 12:11

The 2D/3D engine is OK but the over all quality is not so good … but I think (maybe) to make some serious/cool quality professional quality work … maybe invest more in artistic aspect of your work! Gook luck!
Totoro (link) - 17 03 08 - 07:58

As a developper, you don’t usually take into account pretty graphics. That aside, the game functionality looks pretty amazing for a one-man developper.

Good luck with the project.
Alexandre - 19 03 08 - 21:00

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