First details about the game I am working on

I already wrote that I am working on a new game currently, but did not reveal anything about it yet. Fortunately, we just reached milestone 1 and everything looks fine already. So here is the first detail:
The game will be named 'Darkness Springs' and there is already a temporary website of the game available, but it is quite empty still. But within the next month, this will change hopefully. :)
I cannot provide a lot of more facts about the game now, but I'm looking forward to write more soon and there are some few informations on the website to be read. :)

eleven comments, already:

hi niko,

will it be opensource or at least for free?
jens - 11 02 08 - 18:47

A magic woman in her underwear wielding a sword… I wonder what this “unique RPG” will be about. Is it Darkness Springs as in ‘darkness pounces’ or as in ‘pools of darkness bubbling up from the earth’?
Michael - 11 02 08 - 19:12

thats cool niko, glad too see u making a game:)

cant wait to see progress..
FuzzYspo0N - 11 02 08 - 21:25

Wow, looks sweet. I can’t wait to play the game! :-)
Tez - 12 02 08 - 10:06

Hm, probably a stupid question, nevertheless… is it using Irrlicht?
CuteAlien - 12 02 08 - 17:20

That Poser model looks pretty much like coders art to me, and you said that you bought Poser a while ago. Are you doing this alone, Niko?
matt (link) - 12 02 08 - 18:42

Where can I make a donation to the heroine for new clothes? I believe she is very cold in the winter…
Andi (link) - 12 02 08 - 23:43

I love the artwork of model. That is the kind of model that gives the feeling of a unique rpg. I am waiting for this game as much as I waited for Crysis and ut3. And a game from niko is really an added bonus.
kinjel - 13 02 08 - 09:17

hehe :)
@matt: wow, you are really good :) but no, I’m not the only one working on that game :)
niko - 13 02 08 - 09:23

Do you use poser for the ingame-characters, too? I cannot imagine, Irrlicht can handle characters like this at an acceptable framerate…
Del - 13 02 08 - 12:32

I hope it’s using Irrlicht though.
Virion (link) - 15 02 08 - 14:25

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