It was just a joke

Hm, are people usually only reading half of the texts written here? Or didn't I make it clear enough? The text below was just a joke. No I am not working on a book. As I wrote directly below the image: It is just a joke.
I'm just wondering, because after some commenters who didn't get it, I received also some mails about this, and now somebody even gave me a phone call, telling me that he didn't know I was working on a book. Argl. No. I'm not working on a book. It was just a joke. Really.

eleven comments, already:

Hmm, I understood it. The part in the post where you wrote “it’s just a joke” was pretty clear… but I guess it goes to show you that there is a desire for an Irrlicht book!
Mack - 31 01 08 - 16:20

P.S. in #irrlicht the other day we all agreed that we would also love an Irrlicht convention… so as you see, there is much community love
Mack - 31 01 08 - 16:21

So when is the book coming out? Is it gonna cover irrlicht 1.4? I’m hoping it’ll come with a CD with some examples on it.
Joseph Smith - 31 01 08 - 20:05

Someone got your phone number? Damn..
MasterGod - 31 01 08 - 22:31

The point here is: What’s niko’s number!!!
trunks14 - 31 01 08 - 23:49

Somebody really should write such a book!!
Frank - 01 02 08 - 11:40

I’m one of the ones who missed the words at the bottom. I thought that the image was the end of the post. I’m such an idiot sometimes. :D
Jonathan Snyder - 01 02 08 - 19:09

You are really writing a book about irrlicht jokes? Cool!
CuteAlien - 02 02 08 - 14:09

What niko meant was that the cover was a joke, but the book itself is not. So is the book going to be offered in Spanish too? :)
juantar - 03 02 08 - 21:23

@juantar, in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Hebrew. and someone will randomly translate it into Polish and publish it as their own… hehe
Mack - 04 02 08 - 08:35

Niko, I’m very excited about your new (and first) book.
I’tt climb the hitlists very soon. :-P
d'uh - 10 02 08 - 13:35

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